Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Herbal Desserts

Daddy bought these 2 desserts home one fine afternoon; it was such a hot and humid weather then.
They both had very strong Chinese medicinal smell....
The first one is the Loh Han Guo with longans.... dark in colour; it was too sweet for taste!
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Second has this rootlike thing which they called "Yong Som Chew"....ginseng like; supposed to be good for health..I hated this smell; I used to have to; yeah, HAVE to bring this to my hostel during my foundation year (Mummy said it's good for sore throat and cooling effect; and because I didn't have access to herbal drinks, she wanted me to bring this :( )
This is cooked with red dates and also the saving sea coconut slices...haha; and it was great that the slices were thick!
Okay okay lar...
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