Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Seafood by the sea

Had a nice dinner with family during their last trip to Penang (along with DearDear as well)
Went to the seaside area in Teluk Kumbar for this Good Friend Seafood :)
Mummy and Daddy totally love the environment of this shack by the seaside!!
We ordered the following; Mummy and Daddy loves fried vermicelli to go with seafood; and here goes:
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Just nicely fried to their liking:)
Not too oily or too much of additives; and plenty of vege, sliced squids and also prawns and fishball slices:D

Next, the main highlight; also their favourite - the Sweet and Sour crabs.
They have been craving for this; we used to go to this place in Pandamaran, Klang for this dish. It was pretty nice and somemore reasonably priced over there. We used to go there after my routine medical check up back then during my school days.
This is also reasonably priced at RM24 for 2kg; not bad huh?:)
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Mantis prawns in Kung Pow style...with dried chillies....yum yum; somehow it was so nicely done compared to my last visit.
Mummy and Daddy are such fortune stars...hehehe....
This is RM10...
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Plain vege...crunchy and really generous with button mushrooms slices, shrimps and fishball slices.
RM7 for this plate of vege.....very reasonable!
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And how could they forget fish for me...hehe; the Red LionHead/Snapper......this is more pricey..about RM28....
Done in Teochew style...
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Our spread....such a scrumptious feast!
Most importantly, Mummy and Daddy enjoyed it very much!:D
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