Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Friday Lunch at Little Cottage 2

Last Friday, my GPTW team organized a recognition lunch for the Charity Day we worked together on the previous weekend. The venue voted was the Little Cottage 2; at Gottlieb Road (near the Botanical Gardens).
I followed my jee mui's car and we were the first to arrive.
Haha...since everyone was hungry, Mei See asked for the soup and bread to be served first.

This was the cream of mushroom soup.....Hosted by
My other jee mui, Cheu Li jie....she noticed that the sprinkled green stuffs on the others had more and hers was the least; so I swapped with her. Anyway, I only took 2-3 bites and passed the whole soup to her to finish (she was the lucky one that day to sweep most of my food from my plate:P)

I didn't manage to take pics of everyone's food....."Pai seh mar"
And everyone was already teasing me about this and that and so, I settled quietly, staring at my own plate of food and occasionally joining in the banter and laughter with my jee mui.
This was mine; the Golden Fried Fish Fillet:)
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Blurry pic lar...sorry.....just snapped it in a jiff....such a hurry:p
My fish fillet was horrible...and I really mean it!
It was too hard for me....felt like i was biting into crispy biscuits or something.
Finally my jee mui was so nice as to offer me her piece and she took my bigger piece:)

No more food pics; these are my jee mui....trying to kill each other for food since they have been starving:D
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Group pic...mine is so blurry geh???:(
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Jee mui pics
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