Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Lunch at a Diner?

No no no....I am in a Malaysian Diner and it's not run by Luke in Stars Hollow town.
This is in the small town of Sunway Tunas; near the Bayan Lepas zone:)
I came here once with another buddy pal; Kenneth and this time I came here with my dear for lunch:)
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Pretty decent interior for diner-styled place...
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I am surprised that lots of people do not know what is a diner and just assumed it's a restaurant.
Well, diner is definitely not of restaurant status.
In fact, talking about eating places, they are also segregated into various categories depending on the food served, the size, environment, customers, etc.
A Diner, is more of a stop-by place and in US, they are frequented by the middle to lower class folks - mainly the truck drivers, gardeners, bikers, etc...mostly travellers to get a quick cuppa coffee and some food to fill their stomachs :)

Here in Malaysia, diners are so cafe and coffee-house like...haha, that the frequent visitors are actually engineers and professionals...haha:D
Anyway, it's still distinguished from the other higher class cafes, etc from the menu and also the interior. Prices are reasonably lower than normal and also the food quality is on the mediocre. whoring:)
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This was Dear's drink...the Lime Freeze:)
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There's a little ice green...haha, needless to say, it is the lime freeze....hehe, the frozen ice ball of lime:p
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And this is mine; the Iced Honey Lime Lemon tea.....nice and soothing for the throat:)
Reminds me of my mummy's concoction drink for me whenever I have a sore throat:)
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So much ice in it:p
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Food food are here....
Mine.....the Grilled Snapper fish in Chinese Mushroom sauce (not dory fish:p)
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There's a hint of butter smell although there's not supposed to be butter in my course.
Makes me sick...:(
Anyway, there's also very nice fresh and raw vegetables served along with the main and mashed potato..(I hate potatoes!)
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And this is Dear's Grilled Salmon....there was cheese in the sauce:p
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Okay lar; think he liked the chips:p
Only disappointed that he cannot give me much of salmon fillet to try out...since there's cheese:p
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Not too pricey; our meal went to RM32++ (Mine was RM10.90, Dear's was RM15.90, drinks were RM5.90 and RM7.90 including taxes, etc).
Definitely a cheaper alternative to western food dining; and there's no sullen looking Luke hovering around you with a jug of coffee.
In fact, they even play jazz here (but I HATE jazz:p)

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