Thursday, June 14, 2007

Ice Kacang and Double Fish grill

Dinner at Food Loft the other day....just a simple one coz I wanted to do some shopping in Gurney Plaza.
Ordered the Jumbo Ice Kacang....nice...RM5.90 with lots and lots and lots of attap chee...neverending until the last scoop:)
So niceeeeeeeee....:)
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Again, decided to share one main; since I wasn't particularly hungry nor fond of the food here:p
So we ordered the Snow and Salmon Grill....mixture of both Snow Fish (one fillet) on top of another salmon fillet...
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And that's topped with Caviar sauce and some mashed potatoes beneath them....
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RM16.90 for this....

Total bill also about RM25 I think...pricey:p

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