Thursday, June 14, 2007

Takku Little Cafe

During the weekend, again, it was always a headache looking for places for lunchie.
And another thing that annoyed me was the glaring sun which makes your day so humid and unpleasant.
Anyway, we finally stumbled upon this little cafe by chance when we rounded up the Nagore Road and saw this.
Cute name and there were set lunches and desserts; so we decided to give it a try.

Very unique and heritage feeling with a cross fusion with the modern twist; but still gives you that hard rock 60's- 70's groove:)
They were playing songs that sounded like they came from those old jukeboxes...all the way back to those hippie days....hehe, nice and the surprise, there was no other customers except us; felt like we booked the whole place :D
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Recently this has been the new era of cafes and hangout places; they are trying to mix and blend the nostalgic type with the modern style of cafes to create the unique twist.
Maybe after the mushrooming of so many cafes, some tend to lose out in the race.
Sadly, this is also one of the ones that could not attract many:(

They also allow reservations for singing auditions or any mini-concert, etc....just like my friend's cafe last time:)

There's a basket of sweets free for anyone to take at every single table...guess, that's their way of "bread and butter" or something for you to nibble on while waiting for the food to be served.
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And me, smile!~

They serve lunch in sets ranging from Rm11.90 onwards and sad to say, there was not a lot of choices to choose from.
We decided to share as I was more interested in their desserts and drinks rather than their food due to the hot weather.
We ordered this set; the Honey Fried Fish Fillet with rice.
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Nice? Golden fried huh?
Quite crispy and sweet to taste....not too bad...and the portion was more than what we get in Kocha for a set:D

It came with vege as well...this was the stir-fried yau mak.....or lettuce
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And also cabbage soup with radish....
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And of course, the rice
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And this was the drink that came along with it; one of those fiber juices....Dear chose the Soursop Juice...knowing how much I'd love to share....hehehehe!!
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So refreshing...but tad a little too sweet for my liking.
Nothing fiber though....wondering whether that is true:p

And this is my shaved ice dessert!!! Only RM3.90 I think...can't remember clearly...
Strawberry with pearls shaved ice.... They took really long to prepare this despite there is no other customers around.
In fact, they freaked me out when I keep hearing the banging sounds in the kitchen....:o
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Anyway, there were preserved strawberries in it....but it was really too sweet for me again:p
But still, quite nice lar...something new; I will come back to try out their other ice desserts:)
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And this was the dessert that came with the set; the mixed fruit with Ice cream...very little but think it was just okay lar...
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Total bill only about RM15 or so....not bad hor:)

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