Thursday, June 14, 2007

Sweet Corn

Went to the movies again after my volunteer stint with the orphanage and we planned to watch the Singaporean comedy cum (sorta) horror movie...haha, it's Men in White (or in Chinese, Kuei ah Kuei translation as Ghost ah Ghost Singlish:)

I was kinda starving since I didn't take the lunch provided for the volunteers; it loads of curry and I hate curries....I am not complaining; but just my preference of food again:p

So I got some Sweet corn for my nibbling before the movies; as I was about to get a bout of gastric.
I do so love Sweet Corn...and those in cups....yummylicious...hehehe:D
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These from GSC; costs about RM2.50 was not as nice as the one I tasted elsewhere....but when I am hungry and I need to eat something, this is better than nothing!
Plain corn in cup...I just want the Sweet sweet corn! :)
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