Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Kocha Taiwanese Food

Headed to Kocha for lunch; a simple and plain one.
There were so many people that day that we were ushered to the tables in front.
I met a colleague there; and after our orders were taken, we moved to a table inside :)
I ordered this; the Honey Lemon Juice with black pearls....RM3.80+0.5 = RM4.30
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Very nice and refreshing; and I like how the honey's fragrance blended so well with the lemon taste...yummy:)
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And this is the Ice blended watermelon with milk....not mine though but must be nice since FoodBuddy orders this most of the time:)
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Utensils used here.....metal chopsticks and ceramic "Kocha" hehehe....(ancient in Hokkien)
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Finally our food arrived; after a while.
Our usual and favourite order....(actually we order this almost every time we are here:p)
The vegetarian Steamboat
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Look at the food; it's all mock stuffs for vegetarians....but I love it!:)
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Another closer shot; look at the amount of cabbage and also leafy vege!! Yumz...and my favourite corn cob:D
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Look at my favourite Enoki mushrooms (or the Golden needle mushrooms in Chinese)
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I've got corn cob in my bowl!!!:D
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Food are in our bowls...
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Let's eat!!!

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