Wednesday, June 06, 2007

70th Birthday Dinner

I was invited for a birthday dinner last weekend; a father's 70th birthday nice:)
Okay, will skip all the long story and will move those details to other blog.
This will be mainly on food and food pics:)
The first dish; from the restaurant is the birthday bun (sau pow).
It is made in the peach-shape....a symbol of longevity.
Legend has it that peach is actually a rare and forbidden fruit owned by the Queen of Heaven; the Mother of the Jade Emperor in Heaven.
This fruit is meant for longevity and anyone who eats it will live an everlasting life.
Today, this became a tradition for Chinese birthdays (especially the golden ages) to spot this delicacy on the dinner table.
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So rosy :)
It usually comes in different bean paste,peanut paste,and lotus bean paste; the latter being the most common in birthdays.

Look, a bite from the bun:)
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I don't really fancy buns, breads alike but since this was a birthday's bun and I couldn't very well turn down the host, I took a bite or two...teeny weeny bites:p

The first the appetizer; the Four Seasons (I think these had more than that).
So my guess is this could be named the Five Happiness (Ng Fook Lam Moon)
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Sorry for the blurry pic:(
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Next, not braised shark's fin but it was the chicken soup.
Yup, it was the herbal/medicinal soup broiled with chicken meat and contains dry scallops and also Dong "pou" (beneficial for the body).
Of course, me being a skeptic of Chinese medicine and also not a meat eater, I gently gave this a pass:p
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Third dish, yet another meaty dish.
The "Pat Pou Ngap" (directly translated as the 8 Treasures Duck)
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Looks big huh?
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Well, the reason why it is a 8 treasures is because they included lots of stuffing into the duck; think there's carrots,mushrooms,yam,etc...I am not sure myself.
Didn't eat this; only got pieces of mushrooms...can't really stand smell of meat:p
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Finally, my dish...heheh!!!!
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There is another little gal who loves fish also at the dinner but she was too busy with the groundnuts on the table that night:p
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This fish is a little hard; Siakap is not really the right type of fish to be served...I am not a fan of it anyway:p

Prawns....served in 2 style (so I call it the Yin Yang prawns)...a combination of cold and hot types of serving.
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One is the salad prawns (represent the cold) and the other is black peppered sauce prawns...
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Not bad; but I didn't try the salad ones; since I can't take mayonnaise:(
The black peppered ones were tad too oily but it was okay....and spicy lar:p

Next, my favourite also.....VEGE!!
And this happens to be my favourite one; the Braised Broccoli with Mushrooms, abalone and soy sheets.
I loved the broccolis!!!!
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So crunchy and nice!!!
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The little girl who loved fish was also amazingly a vege fan; man, she is really my pal:)
Too bad I was too full by then; I could only take 1 or 2 broccolis...:(

This is the carb dish...haha, the fried hor fun (flat rice vermicelli)...this was supposed to be one of their famous specialities (in that restaurant)
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Too bad, too many people had tad too much and were stuffed dy....
I didn't take a bite:p

The main highlight of the night; HAPPY 70th Birthday!!!
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Nice green!
Chinese words on the cake; "Fok Yu Dong Hoi, Sau Pei Lam San"
Direct translation as in your wealth/happiness will be uncountable as the sea (wide without limit) and age deeper than that of the highest mountains or something like that:)

Last sweet dessert; the Longan with red dates, red beans and lotus seed...think it symbolizes happiness and joy:) (Too full)
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That's all, I really enjoyed myself:)

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