Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sweet Chinese potato

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This seems like a popular snack on the street in China; as I have found many vendors making a living out of it on their carts located at the sidewalk.

Personally I find nothing fascinating about a steamed potato, but I think many disagree with me; especially if you are a die-hard potato fan.
Also, another reason is probably due to the cold weather and while I am rubbing my hands hard to keep them warm, some would prefer to have a RMB2-3 worth of steaming hot sweet Chinese potato in their hands to do the job.

The outer skin is slightly purplish; but when the skin is comes off in the peeling, it reveals a rather golden orange-like color mash of potato.
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It was still steaming hot when bought off the cart; perhaps the main reason that attracted hordes of ravenous buyers to it in the first place.
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It is no wonder that this a favorite considering the fact that it was a staple back in the days of farming and also war times when this was the only main source of carbohydrate.
I remember my mother telling me of the story on how the poor and even themselves, surviving on rice and sweet potatoes during the hard times. The potatoes were cheap back then, not to mention filling and they were in abundance.
It was easily grown and some, while on a refugee run would even be able to dig up a sweet potato from the ground; which shows how easily accessible it is.

I know of people who still love this as a snack until this day; as a reminiscence of their past and also the fact that this helped them to survive to the day.
This was probably the key to this sweet, carb-loaded yet healthy vegetable landing its place in the hearts of many; and it is something that maybe not many of us from the current generation could relate to.

Have you a history/story with the sweet potato or potatoes in general?
Do you have a love/hate relationship with this vegetable or food staple?


  1. Hi Christy! My Mom told me the exact same story about eating rice and sweet potatoes, even the potato leaves were stir fried as a side dish. Personally I love sweet potatoes, they taste good and are packed with important nutrients, what's not to like right?

  2. Hey Jeno, yeah, guess our parents have gone through those 'potato days' and 'moments', something which we can never really understand. I am not a big fan of potato, but I love the dessert soup with sago and also the stir-fried potato leaves, so yeah, agree that this is one vegetable packed with nutrients and filled with plenty of benefits/uses :)