Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Travel Food Diary: Happy Lemon

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I like the name of this shop which specializes in drinks and beverages; something like our local Chatime.

Happy Lemon, and the poppy bright yellow color of the shop just screams joy and cheerfulness and that is one sure way of attracting customers.

My hubby wanted a drink; as he had always loved checking out drinks in different places.

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This is one interesting drink; Green Tea and Red Bean Pudding drink (I cannot remember the price anymore)

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Unique taste; although it felt really chewy instead of liquid-based; and milky too.
The red beans and green tea did help to add flavor and mask the strong milky scent; but I really did like the combination of the red beans and green tea.

I am glad I stopped by for this drink, or else I won't find this unique drink!:)


  1. Haha, best thing about this place is the cool name :D Had me smiling! - The drinks sound great too though!

  2. Yeah Charles, love the name and the smiling icon of the logo!:)