Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Tai Thong Dim Sum

Located somewhere along Kimberley Street, this is one of those dim sum place which has been around for some time. Most of the workers here are also wiser in age as compared to the other places. However, I did notice the trait of the employees hired in the coffee shops particularly in the heart of Penang; the town area near Komtar, most of them are senior residents which I reckon age with the place as well.
I do not find this discouraging, more than that; I actually feel that this is a unique heritage and culture which may not be found in elsewhere....
Anyway, I tried this place the first time when my counterpart from the Philippines came here to Malaysia and my boss actually brought us here along with her to try out the Malaysian Chinese typical breakfast on Sunday; dim sum. It was pretty crowded I remembered; well, it was after all a Sunday and as in the trend in Hong Kong, the Chinese families love these little breakfast tidbits (dim sum). I believe this was popularized originally from Hong Kong as well; being the place with Cantonese people who loves yum cha (or morning tea sessions).
Restaurants are often the destinations for family gatherings on weekends; particularly Sundays when most of the people are not working and they bring their aged parents or relatives or even just the unit family (mum, dad and kids) to enjoy the scrumptious meal of dim sum for a morning start.
Alright, enough blabbering of dim sum and its to the main feature; Dim sum restaurant. I have been frequenting a couple of restaurants which serve dim sum in Penang (I kinda like dim sum myself) with a friend who is a local Penangite and loves dim sum as well.
Anyway, we went back to this cafe; in Kimberley Street; which we found also operates during dinner hours as well and voila, they serve dim sum as well, along with a variety of fried noodles, rice and also the basic home-style cooking type of dishes. Boy is this place crowded during the dinner peak hours; oooohhh, especially on Sunday evenings as well.
I have been to this place a couple of times and always opting for the same food; haha...I am a seafood lover and was pretty disappointed with most of the dim sum places which serves mostly meat; even stuff meat into those prawn dumplings...sighhh...what has become of the prawn dumplings???:P
This restaurant, surprisingly, though located in town area, serves a wide variety of prawn based dim sum as well and dumplings. Anyway, didn't capture a lot of pics this round; hope I can do so the next time I am there (actually I kinda stopped going there since the dim sum were too oily the last round I was there....boycott it for a while:P)
Anyway, these were the dim sum we ordered; the front is the shark's fin prawn dumpling; I am an anti-shark's fin person but these are fake; probably some glass noodles replicas only but still, being the strict protester against cruelty towards animals, I still had my doubts and thus refrained from taking this most of the time...hahah....mafan gal :P

The one on the right is the prawn dumplings (har kao); my must-have every time I go for dim sum; it's my favourite man:P However, Tai Thong's not so good.
The one which is on the top of pic; partially hidden from view is also the prawn version of siu mai(har mai); tad too oily most of the time...ughhhs:(
Anyway, for great prawn dim sum/dumplings, I would recommend this dim sum restaurant in Ipoh...Yoke Fook Moon; haha...but crazy right, go all the way to Ipoh just for dim sum.
But, if you do go there, try it out and you will see what I mean. Let me blog about it the next time I am there.... :)

Food quality: 3/5
Noise level: 4/5
Price range: RM1.90-Rm4
Parking: Ample if you are early:p

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