Monday, November 13, 2006

Mummy's chilli crabs

Finally I found some time to upload some of the pics and came across this bunch of pics which I took the last time I was home; hmmm, probably months ago:p
Well, mummy had this sudden craving and also in the mood to cook something special and so we went market shopping; yeah, amazing huh; I went to the market. I don't ever go to the markets since I was young and also generally crowded places. In fact, markets are not just crowded, they are also rowdy:p

Anyway, after a round of marketing, mummy bought a bunch of vegetables and also, she bought something unusual; crabs!!!~ Not to say it is that unusual but it is definitely one of the rare times when mummy actually wanted to cook crabs.
We went home after the marketing mission and getting whatever she wanted. Then she started on her next itinerary which was to cook those stuffs and get them on the table..haha....
As for me, I was in the kitchen as well; trying to help, ermmmm...or rather taking pictures and getting in her way most of the time. As a matter of fact, I was not allowed into the kitchen or even do any housework since I was young - as my mummy insisted. Now you can guess how spoilt I am and what a precious little princess or brat I am..., I am definitely not a good housekeeper, behold and beware guys...haha....stay off sign:p
A shot of the crabs; not cooked yet.
Poor crabs; waiting to be served on the plate - kinda reminded me of Sebastian in Disney's Little Mermaid, running away from the annoying chef who wanted to cook him:P
Haha...if these were to run away, I'd run faster than anyone could imagine:p
But don't you think they are pitiful? I do think of their lives; only waiting to be captives and then food to the humans...sighh...guess that's how the food chain works; we need an ecosystem to maintain balance in the living world:)
Anyway, these were not alive as those black ones we often see in the market. These are the direct translation from Chinese as the "flower crabs"; not as thick in the flesh texture as the black ones which typically are higher in price and also in demand. They are called the "meat crabs" but they are also required to be fresh; meaning to be alive when you buy them and can only be killed when you are about to cook. Think it is nicer to be consumed this way....eeeee......poor poor poor crabs....:(
Good ol' mummy never forgets a fish for this little princess...yummy of my favourite fish...garoupa...steamed style...
Before and after....hehe

Also, how could mummy missed out, a big fan of vegetables...haha:pLeeks!~ One of my faves as is a cousin breed of the spring onions....hehe, a species of the onions as well if you observe the texture of the plant. These are popular vegetables for the Hokkien or generally Chinese as well during Chinese New Year as they are called "suan" in Hokkien which symbolizes calculation. According to grandma, these are auspicious and will ensure that the family will be wiser in spending from generation to generation...haha:)

As usual, mum will stir fry these and the next pic shows the ingredients which will be cooked along with the leeks :)Ready to be served with carrots...hehe....the crunchy favourite food of adorable little rabbits :)

One last dish; water convulvus or fondly known as Kangkung (Chinese name translated as the Pride of the Malays:) stir fried with a twitch of sambal belacan ...the local favourite for Malaysians....hmmm, for long as not too spicy yea...hehe:P
That's all on mummy's little cooking spree.....forgot to take the complete pic of the food when served...hehe....
Mummy's cooking is definitely the BEST!!!~

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