Monday, November 13, 2006

Jack's Place at 1U - Happy Birthday to Mummy!~

This is where we went for Mummy's pre-birthday lunch this year...sometime in September. Sorry for the overdue post on this place:P
The reason we had the pre-celebration was due to the fact that both bro and me were both studying and working respectively and staying away from home...thus when we were home for the weekend, we decided to celebrate on the spot.
Well, in actual fact, we pre-planned it for mummy as well; even daddy does not know about this:P You can read more about it in my other blog:)
Anyway, too bad I didn't take pics of the food; but I am definitely going back to this place the next round I am back in KL as I find this place nice; food quality was good, ambience was nice and even the price was reasonable.
Bro actually suggested that we go to the Sunway Pyramid outlet for dad's upcoming birthday....hmmmm...I just thought of another place; the Milwaukee Steak House in Metro Prima...since I just read some pretty good reviews on the place:) We'll see about that...
Well, just a short post, if you do happen to go to 1U, do check this place out...they have worthy set lunches with different theme sets for each day...:)

Mummy's birthday cake - Tiramisu cake from The King's Confectionery

Just a quick shot of mummy's cake; since she loved tiramisu, bro and me got her this cake from King's and she loved it absolutely!~
Happy Birthday Mummy dearest....muacksss!!!

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