Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Feng Wei Dim Sum

This is Feng Wei (Fung Mei - Wind Taste) dim sum place in the Super Eagle Foodcourt in Sg Ara, near the airport and the military camp area. I have been frequenting this place before this since a friend brought me here before; after that I kinda started venturing around other places in town and everywhere on the island.
Hmmm... I remembered I like this place due to its large variety in prawn dumplings (I love seafood!!) and they are pretty much steamed to my liking. Not forgetting their fishballs which I liked as well; with steamed napa cabbage as condiments.
However, I did stop for a while when I found out that their prawns were not too fresh and the taste is not so nice anymore. In fact, it was getting tad a bit too oily dy :(
But recently when I revisited the place, it was not too bad as well although it is really based on their seasonal swings - sometimes it tastes nice, sometimes it doesn't :(
The first one we usually take; for me,me, me....hehehe....fishballs that doesn't taste too spongey (very geli when it is spongey)
Purely steamed with the napa cabbage and a little light and clear soup:)
The Har Kao! (Prawn dumplings)
They looked nice and pretty fresh this round :)
Another differently wrapped har kao; but they taste pretty much the same as well lar :)
Another version of prawn dumplings; this one tasted slightly different as they blended carrots along with the prawns as well.
Not bad :)
A picture of most of the food we ordered:)
Review: Not bad lar; occasionally :p But they have a large range of varieties and mind you, they are always packed on weekends; especially on Sundays. No place to sit and all on self-service. In fact the whole food court is crowded with all the people that I doubt whether they can remember which table paid and which didn't.
Well, I think the people around this area are still educated enough not to escape the bill:p
Name: Feng Wei Dim Sum
Location: Super Eagle Food Court, Desaria (Sg Ara)
Rating: 3.5/5

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