Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Leong Kee Tea Garden Dim Sum Restaurant

Long name....this is another dim sum coffee shop we found along Kimberley Street.
It is not too hard to find; if you enter Kimberley Street using the Carnarvon Street route. It is a corner shop directly opposite the Bee Cheng Hiang row of shophouses. In fact, it is directly opposite the end of the row of BCH and you should be able to see it.
Another landmark would be the famous Goh Huat Seng restaurant which is just next to it.
This shop operates at fairly early hours ooo.....I think the last round I was there at 5.45a.m and there were already a bunch of people around...hehe:)
Their variety is also not as much as Tai Thong but they are slightly lower priced and also smaller in portions. However, compared to Yong Pin, they have slightly more stuffs that are non-meaty...hehehe:P
Their fishballs; not too bad...nicer than Tai Thong:)
Smells and taste like fish:p
Their prawn dumplings (Har Kao)....not as nice as the others...prawns are not as fresh. Another fish paste product; actually sits on top of the beancurd sheet which we initially thought was fried eggs...
Another interesting thing is they still decorate their fish products with those mixed veggies(corn, peas and carrots) as condiments....I like that:)
The siew mai (pork dumplings)....no comment...
Name: Leong Kee Tea Garden Dim Sum Restaurant (Loong Kee in Cantonese)
Location: Kimberley Street; after the stretch of Bee Cheng Hiang shophouses; opposite (corner shop)
Operating hours: 4 or 5a.m I think (closed at night)
Service: 2.5/5
Rating: 2.5/5

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