Monday, November 13, 2006

Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant

I went to this prestigious restaurant for lunch during my trip to Genting last month; will post on that trip once I get the pics from the camera which is now at home...
Anyway, since this is food, I took this out separately and posted it in my food blog...hahah....that's the diversity of having different blogs:-)
So, what's so great about this restaurant besides its reputation for their speciality in that weird sea creature which I am still not too sure what it is....anyway, I don't eat it that often and unless it's something gross or endangered species, I am okay....God bless their souls...:)
I was told about this restaurant when I went to Singapore where my colleague who is practically a fine diner and food lover recommended me to try it out originated from Singapore. She said they serve superb and first class quality abalones....well, since I was alone then and with minimum eating capacity, it's better not to waste the company's budget:p
I finally had this opportunity when I was in Genting and we were looking for a place for lunch when we passed by this restaurant which was coincidentally holding a promotion for set lunch.
Abalones....(pronounced as a-ber-lo-ney as mentioned by my English teacher in school) is a type of sea creature.
 Since we are not sure what to eat and I find the set not too bad; it was about RM69++ for the set lunch which consists of the Ah Yat's famous abalone, special soup, braised vegetables, suckling pig, and the leaf-wrapped rice (hor yip fan) and also a dessert. Of course, this is only for a single serving but since it was at this price and I do not eat much, we ordered only 1 set (not being stingy but just find no point in wasting food and also $$).
The food was served in those Chinese set meals style; dish by dish in the following order; if my memory didn't fail me:p
1. Soup of the day (crab meat soup I think)
2. Ah Yat's signature abalone with special sauce
3. Braised vegetables
4. Fried cod fish fillets with bok choy
5. Leaf-wrapped rice
6. Dessert (mango pudding)
Too bad I didn't take too much pics but these were some of the quick shots I had:
The abalone for 1 serving accompanied by some mushrooms. It is served with the Ah Yat's proclaimed special sauce which tasted normal to me:p

I had half an abalone and the mushroom and also the vegetable.
The abalone's texture were not too bad and it tasted rather chewy as well...well, can't say much, after all, this is their signature dish and their trademark.
Then, we waited patiently for our next dish and we were served the cod fish with bok choy and also the rice. Then I realized that they were about to serve the dessert but our braised vegetables were not here yet. Furthermore, they have even crossed it on the sheet of our food servings which meant they have already served it....:o
Posting that question to one of the waitresses, she told us that the braised vegetables were already served along with the abalone; haha.....laughing out loud, that small speck of vegetables on the plate were the braised vege...really hilarious:P
Then came the dessert which they ran out of the red bean sago or something and also the mango pudding. Then we requested for Gui Ling Gao which also ran out....I think in the end he settled for the honey dew pudding.
Oooh...I forgot to mention that we ordered some side dishes of dim sum; about 3 plates of prawn dumplings and fish dumplings...about RM5.50 and RM7 .....BUT, I must say that their dim sum is good...I really loved their har kao and fish dumplings!!~ Worth a try :)
The bill came to about RM110++; a bit pricey but I think the meal was not too bad for a classy Chinese restaurant. Try it if you are ever there in Genting...the next pic...out in the indoor amusement park:p


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