Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Steamboat up Cameron

Okay, this is an overdue post on my trip to Cameron Highlands 2-3 months ago.
I will be blogging about that Cameron trip in my other blog:p
Anyway, I just took out the food portion; where we had lunch in Cameron:)
We were cruising around, looking for a place for lunch; making rounds in Ringlet town, Brinchang, etc when we saw a banner by this stretch of shophouses where it was publishing on a steamboat promotion in the hotel coffee house.
We somehow felt attracted to the idea of steaming hot food in this chilly weather although I was a little worried about the price but anyway, since we were on a vacation trip(although it is just a day trip), we made our way to the hotel in no time.

To my amazement, I was awed by the hotel and both the exterior and interior design of the hotel. It just gives you that kind of Western European type of setting (which is my favourite type of design); it has that French village and cottage style of look...really westernized place - felt like I was overseas in a Western country at that time.
We went into the hotel lobby; it's actually not a very big hotel, quaint and comfortable place.
I loved their furnitures; upon our entrance we saw the cafe on our right and walked straight in; it was pretty empty.
This is how the cafe looks like; very nicely and tastefully decorated; I loved those white wicker furnitures *winks*
Did I mention how much I love this place?? Hehehe:p
We found a waitress and a plump man dressed in formal attire preparing the food for the buffet (I think) and we asked about the steamboat promotion.

The young girl didn't seem to understand us and the guy(who was actually the manager) came to her rescue (or our rescue:p ) and told us that the steamboat is on.

He ushered us to our seat and took our order for drinks.

We ordered the steamboat for 2 servings and then ordered their strawberry ice blended:p (I love ice-blended too much...hehe:)
Me...smiling with joy to have lunch in such a nice place...

Soon, our drinks arrived. However, it came blended with milk and I was so disappointed that my friend requested for a change; since I was little lactose-intolerant.

To my surprise, the captain obligingly and courteously (immediately) changed the drink for me and this is my strawberry juice...yum yum....really nice...tasted natural:)
Thumbs up for the prompt attention and action on the matter and without any fuss.
Guess that's the way it is when you dine in a good place (expensive), they are customer-oriented.(my friend told me the same thing)
I loved the juice; everything seems to be about strawberries here in Cameron that I pleaded to stay back here...hahaha:D
The waitress(actually a trainee; very sweet local Chinese girl with rosy cheeks - guess living in this weather gives you naturally beautiful complexion as well *winks*) came back to set up the stove for the steamboat...hehe
Then the food came; look at the spread of food on the table....
We put in a lot of stuffs and left it cooking....there's a divider between the 2 soup sections in the steamboat pot; tomyam and clear soup respectively. Left it there to cook for a while lar....

Sorry, no closer shots of the food; we were busy with the steaming hot stuffs and wasted no time to eat; before it cools off:p

The bill came up to about RM70++ (for just a simple steamboat lunch!! :O)
Their promotion is RM35 nett per pax during this season...wowww, that's promotion price? I don't dare to imagine if it is normal price:p
The steamboat is normal only; not that extraordinary ( not a case of sour grapes here) but it is definitely not one of the best steamboat I tasted. Mum's steamboat and Kocha's is way much better:p
However, the place was an added point *winks*
Out of curiosity as well, we proceeded to the reception to request for the price for a night's stay and it was like pricey; RM300(min) and above for their suites. Phewww....this is definitely a 5-star type of place
Leaving...took a quick snapshot of this classic style hotel....not a bad place :)
Review: Steamboat was so-so lar; but the drinks were not too bad...hehehe
Place: Casa De La Rosa
Location: Cameron Highlands
Rating: 3/5
Service: 4.5/5
Ambience and environment: 4/5
Remarks: Nice settings and style!! :)

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