Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Ice Desserts

Hehe...after a while after the lunch at Little Oasis, we saw this Tai He Cafe at the back row of the shops; something like a street cafe behind the boutiques and what caught my eye was the Ice desserts they have; they had the poster on the glass window.We headed in and looked through the menu which contains loads of different types of ice desserts; grape, soursop(my fave for ice desserts), soursop with guava(not available that day...bummer), Mango, Kiwi, strawberry and one of their speciality (highlighted) is the durian and sweet corn...YIKES (no offense meant):p ( I am no fan of durian although I love corn...but the combination just doesn't seem right for me:p)
Anyway, since I couldn't try the soursop and guava, I was deciding between strawberry, kiwi and plain soursop. My friend then decided that we go for strawberry and kiwi and so it was.
This is what I ordered; the Strawberry Nata De Coco Ice dessert.....
However, I noticed the kiwi looked a bit too dark for the green kiwi I usually know and thus we changed it back to soursop:p
It costs about RM4.50 per bowl; a little more expensive than the last time I had it in Dajie Dessert House which charges only RM4. I suppose it is due to the rental here in the mall:)
Anyway, the dessert was not as nice as I expected but better than the one in Dajie....Ooo...another part was the waiter/guy who took our orders...was a little annoying. We told him that we will look through the menu first and we need some time. However, he doesn't seem to get the message and stood there waiting for us; making a nuisance out of himself as well as distracting us...sighhhh:(
Place: Tai He Cafe
Location: 4th floor, Prangin Mall (behind the boutiques)
Rating: 2.5/5

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