Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Little Cottage

Yoohoo....I finally got to downloading the photos.
Anyway, we were there once again since I mentioned the fish served there were not bad...especially the Oriental Fish...yeayyy....I have also tried the Grilled Salmon before...which we did not order this round; unfortunately:( Thus, no pics on the Salmon.
We were there and the waiter led us upstairs; my preferred location....hehe...however, this round, I was led to sit in another corner as my favourite corner was actually a non-smoking area and I think that section was reserved:( They usually let me have the seat there since I was usually early....awww...bummer.
I glanced at the menu and ordered the Oriental Fish this round while my friend picked the Fish Fillet with Little Cottage Style and I ordered the Sweet Lemon Lime juice. We waited for our food to be served while enjoying the English-like ambience of the restaurant that never failed to fascinate me; and also the soft music playing in the background....it is such a nice and peaceful environment that you just feel relaxed and also, hehe...a little cold, but they actually took very good care of us; adjusting the temperature of the air conditioner from time to time to ensure the highest level of comfort we have while dining there.
After a while (not too long a wait though), our food arrived....
Me, posing with my favourite Oriental Fish which is basically Kurau fish fillet cooked with the sweet and sour sauce as in Chinese style with the condiments of a generous serving of cubed vegetables such as tomatoes, capsicums, onions and pineapples and also a portion of potato and a broccoli.
It is definitely a large portion of a Western style serving for dinner; with generous serving of the fish which is the best so far among all the Western restaurants I have tried (but Jack's Place was also not bad...will take more pics of that place when I go there the next time:)

A closer shot of the dish....hehehe....Kurau fish fillet is often used for fish sets especially in fine dining areas and also any decent restaurants/coffee houses serving Western cuisine; that's what my mum used to tell me:)
Kurau fish typically has a fine texture and also very soft and juicy when you taste it...hehe, trust me, since I love fish:)
Kurau fish used to be quite expensive and that is why it is mostly found only in nice restaurants and also commonly in Western cuisines.
If you order fish and chips or any fish set meals elsewhere, they will not serve your Kurau fish for a price range of less than RM10 as what you find in food stalls by the streets or small shops. They play their way around by substituting the fish with those readymade fish fillets found in packs in the supermarkets.....but I think in Penang, it is still not so bad as I remembered a few places which serve decent and good Western food for a reasonable price range as the aforementioned.
 Grilled Fish Fillet with Little Cottage special sauce....not too bad too; they also used Kurau fish in this dish.

One thing about this restaurant, they are really good in the preparation of the fish and their cooking style is excellent. I think they marinated the fish which made the fish tasted fresh and also tasty at the same time....really nice :)

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