Monday, November 13, 2006

Purple Dessert

Haha...another post on mummy's cooking....which turned out to be purple...
Do not be stunned by the pictures; can you guess what type of dessert is this?
It is an innovation and rather interesting for me and mummy when we saw it...haha...
It is actually the normal sweet potato dessert soup we usually have....with sago (I am a freak with sago:p )
So, why it turned out purple when most of the time we see the slightly brownish or orange-coloured dessert soup?
Hehe...actually, it is not such an astounding discovery, mummy bought a special type of potatoes; I think it was more of the taro breed from Japan and cooked it along with the condiments of the typical sweet potato and added in the sago. So, the soup just took after the colour which was the stronger of the two.
I don't take potatoes...bluekks.....but I do like sago:)

A closer shot...of our innovative dessert:P

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