Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Shopping Day

Yikes...I am on my annual shopping spree's that time of the year and in case you are wondering, yes, I am one girl who only does her shopping once a year. The rest of the year I either do window shopping or spend my time on reading and other hobbies...hehe:) Contrary to other girls you know...haha....there's still some of us do not shop all year you know:P
I went to a couple of places; but the main focus I would say is still Prangin Mall down town and Gurney Plaza...actually I don't really fancy Prangin Mall that much, but since I wanted to look for something unique, I just thought of giving this place a try:)

We walked for a short while then decided to go for lunch; actually we did some scouting first to check out the eating places as my friend wanted to make sure I could eat most of the food too:p

We found a hidden little place which serves Western food....yikes, Western food again...I am not really too enthusiastic about Western; but seems like that's what I have been having recently...bummer:(
Anyway, we went to this place called Little Oasis and it looks pretty dark...they decorated and designed their cafe with blue and green neon it a rather dark and I should say haunted look:P
So we were presented with the menu; actually most of the stuffs here were pretty reasonably priced; the range of the Western food set is about RM7~RM20.
We ordered the grilled fish with the special marinated BBQ sauce...
Then we proceeded to order our drinks...I noticed they do have the Iced Blended selection and I ordered the Strawberries Ice Blended.
My friend just ordered the plain Watermelon juice.

I was still busy looking through the menu which we requested them to leave behind to browse through any interesting items when our drinks arrived.
That's a shot of my Ice Blended Strawberry Drink and also a side shot of the Watermelon Juice.
So, how was the Ice Blended Strawberry?
Haha....I look happy drinking it? Gotcha....actually it is really bland and practically all it tastes is like rough ice with colour and a light stint of strawberry scent. Disappointed in the drink....and the watermelon juice tasted so sweet that it probably had tons of sugar in it:p
Well, I was crossing my fingers hoping that the fish will taste pretty decent as the drinks totally fell below my expectation and definitely lost its deserving marks:(
Anyway, we didn't have to wait long as our food soon arrived....tada....our BBQ sauce Fish fillet set is here...

A closer shot....hmmm, doesn't taste as good as well...a little too oily and also not properly marinated. The BBQ was too plain. 
Pretty disappointing; and just FYI, they will opening a new branch soon in Gurney area; above the McDonald's outlet in Gurney Drive which is currently being occupied by a Korean restaurant; Seoul Garden which I tried before last year.
Anyway, you can give Little Oasis a try if you want; just try ordering something else...and don't order the Ice-blended drinks...too bland:p
Place: Little Oasis
Location: 4th Floor, Prangin Mall (next to the downgoing escalator)
Rating: 2/5

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