Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Emperor's Noodles

Dad had this the other morning; and I was curious when he kept mentioning that he's getting "Wong Tai Min" (Emperor Noodles) for breakfast.
I was waiting to look at how this noodles look like to gain the fame of a royal title; furthermore the nickname of the emperor's food...hmmmm.
However, to my dismay, it is just like any normal wanton noodles that we see sold everywhere in food courts and food stalls.
Dad also confirmed that the noodles used are the same as well; thus why is this called Emperor noodles?
It seemed pretty popular in KL as well; I haven't heard of it so far up here in north...will do further studies to find out what is the intriguing part about this noodles....dad said it even tasted the same....haha
My initial guess is it is just a marketing gimmick to attract the customers...give it a new name and voila, there you go with another con product...:P
**Sorry for the blurry pics; quick shot using phone:)

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