Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Young Hearts

This is a little restaurant which is part of a house located along the road before Cantonment road; actually near the Pulau Tikus Market and opposite the Pulau Tikus Bandar Baru supermarket area. You should not miss it; it's actually on the right hand side as you queue on the road heading towards the cross junction with traffic lights in Pulau Tikus area.
We have passed by this restaurant a couple of times but somehow never got to try it until last week when we finally decided to drop by to have a go. However, my friend, knowing Chinese, told me that it is a place that specialized in Jiao Zhi (Gao Zhi in Cantonese which means dumplings).

We parked near the main entrance and walked into the shop; the lady boss opened/unlocked the glass door and led us into the dining area; we were actually the first customers (as usual, we always are everywhere we go..ehehe)
A view of the interior design of the restaurant; it looks like those typical Chinese/Taiwanese/Japanese type of restaurants...guess this is the current wave trend for the dining places in Malaysia..haha

We were soon presented the menu; and as we predicted, mostly were items containing meat:p Even though we asked about the prawn and chivy dumplings which sounded meatless, we were told they also include some minced meat into the dumplings.
Then she recommended the mushroom and vege dumplings; which according to her is the only meatless dumpling in the restaurant. Haha....so, we settled for that and then we ordered the Szechuan Hot and Sour soup which was also one of their signature soups and lastly we ordered the Homemade Beancurd which was deep fried.
I ordered the Sea Coconut drink (RM4) while my friend, being a fan of tea; ordered the rose and lavender tea which costs RM9...haha:p
My drink; honey sea coconut with water chestnut drink which tasted cooling and soothed the throat....not bad though for RM4. They also served a generous portion of sliced sea coconut in the drink; those white ones at the bottom of the glass.

We chatted and observed the surroundings of the restaurant...not too many people despite it being the dinner hour....hmmmm, probably this is just a place where people regard it as a snack and relaxing area; not really a place for proper dining...with the array of food selection offered here and the prices:p After all, we have the frugal people here up north:p
While waiting for the food to be served, we took some pics as usual; hehe....that's our corner; not such a bad place; it's pretty cosy and comfortable and suitable for catching up with friends and light chatting...they even have cushions on the chair :) A blurred image of the table setting...

Soon, our food arrived; these were the beancurd and also the Hot and Sour soup which contains meat slices and chicken meat. 
The dumplings were a little too oily and the mushrooms did not blend too well in the texture of the dumplings.
The beancurd and the soup was still okay.....
Anyway, the food here was not too bad but also at the same time, not too good....so-so, okay for light snacks and for those who like Chinese snacks.....guess we can't really come back since there is nothing for me here...but if you are ever in Pulau Tikus, you can go ahead and give it a try *winks*

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