Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Ice Ice Honeydew

Hehe....went to Ice Ice Baby again and ordered my favourite Honeydew Iced Smoothie.....oooo....and there's the pic here as well...hehe.....nice and cooling....this is one cute restaurant which I have mentioned before in my previous blog. Their food are mostly designed to cater for the toddlers....a little pricey for a small portion; just the serving for young kids (infants, toddlers, children).
Yeah....I am a big little kid as well...haha, but I really love this place; most of their iced smoothies cost about RM8.50-RM10:)
Anyway, I still love this place....I even have the loyalty card....the first one has been redeemed for the surprise dessert in my earlier blog.
Just enjoy the pics; look at how I love my drink :)

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