Tuesday, November 21, 2006

32 The Mansion

Been to this place twice actually; first time was last year with my boss and my mentor to specially celebrate her birthday before she flew home and it was all on the boss...hehe...thank you boss!!~
But I also worked hard ooo....rushing around to get the cake....muahahaha...too bad no pictures.
This time, I came back to this restaurant for a special occasion again and the settings pretty much didn't change; still the same and romantic.
I was early this time and was led to the waiting area while our table was being set up along with a few other groups of people. Most of them were working people as well and with foreigners (Americans and Europeans).

Soon we were led to our table on the larger concourse at the lower level. Was a little cold actually.
At the same time, managed to snap some photos of the settings and the interior design of this mansion-styled restaurant:

Grand ler? Hehe...

The group that was waiting along with us and was seated before us. The lady had a nice top and a stylish jacket which she draped over the chair...loved it! :P

The waiter came immediately and laid the napkin on my lap for me (as they always do for you in these fine-dining restaurants.

Then he handed us the menus; this is the black menu (nothing special, most of the fine-dining restaurants have the same styled menu anyway:p )

Pricing of the food ranges from RM30 above for each course meal. You can opt for their set meals; which include bread, soup of the day, coffee/tea, main course of your choice and dessert for approximately RM69 per pax.

Otherwise, you can go ala carte as well.

We opted to go by ala carte; I don't think I can finish my food:p

I ordered the Grilled Salmon Steak with Ginger Sauce and my friend ordered the Grilled Kurau with spicy sauce (I think)

Then we ordered the drinks; me for orange juice (fresh) and my friend went for the pinepple juice which turned out to be poured from the can and the brand is Fruit Tree....and guess how much is that drink? RM9 bucks 

Mine was RM9; but at least it's freshly squeezed:P

Still, you can't compare the prices too much when you come to places like these....but I always wonder the real reason why we are not allowed to compare....bluekkks.

Next, they came to approach us whether we wanted garlic bread for starters while waiting for the food. We declined the offer after being approached twice by 2 different waiters.

Then they brought us the bread basket with butter...hehehe...guess they were afraid we may starve of hunger:P

These are complimentary of the restaurant; I do not know how much they will charge for the bread after charging almost 10x for a canned drink:P

Our food came; my grilled salmon steak with garlic sauce and the Grilled Kurau

Designer food; comes in these portions and tastefully decorated - for me; it's just nice, I do not like large servings:D

My salmon; topped with mixed veggies (carrot cubes, sweet corn and green peas) with some brussel sprouts and mashed potatoes...the gravy was a little awful:p

The Grilled Kurau; hard and overcooked - spoilt the Kurau fish:(

At least there's cauliflower:p
To be frank, comparing to the first visit, the quality of their food has definitely deteriorated:(
Both fish were grilled to burn; overcooked and the flesh was too hard; definitely lost the fresh taste and sweetness of the fish.

Finished the food eventually....cleaned up the plate dy:P

A little lighted candle and it is getting dark in the area since we were at the concourse where the ceiling is actually made of glass.
Goodnight looor.....my review, not bad for a romantic getaway for the sake of the ambience and mood. For ringgit value and also food, do not really recommend coz it is not as good as before.
Place: 32 The Mansion
Location: Near E&O hotel; near Garage
Environment: 4/5
Food: 2.5/5
Service: 4/5

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