Monday, December 11, 2006

Farewell Gathering - Soho

This is my Filipino colleague who is leaving us soon; a week for the countdown:(
Anyway, he is one of the Filipino pals whom I got to know through my mentor and he is a a great pal to have :)
I found out about his leaving from another colleague who sent out the farewell gathering invitation.
The location is at this Soho bar cum pub place in the heart of Penang town; not too hard to find if you know where the clubbing area in Penang; this pub is just right opposite the Garage and SS discotheques area.
To make it simpler, it is actually on the same row as the Catholic Information Service Center and the church and you can also see Salsas Restaurant on the opposite road; rings a bell now?
Haha....okies, enough about the directions.

I was there early; actually punctual and sharp at 6.30p.m smack since the organizer mentioned in the email to be on time...haha, but due to the drizzle, everyone ended up late...but I think it is really typical of Malaysian time schedule, right?

Anyway, to protect the reputation of the organizer, he was really apologetic and I believe that he has been a very punctual and time keeper individual and thus, it was uncommon for him to be forgiven:)
That's Butchie; he was the man of the day.
He's always funny and a really cool guy and a great friend! :)
He's married and that's why he's leaving, return back to the Philippines to be with his wife and thus he had to opt to divorce his job here:p
Anyway, the organizer, as I have heard, frequents this place and he recommended that the food and atmosphere was good despite it being of a pub status. We sat upstairs; which he claimed was a little quieter compared to the downstairs area.
Since we were there during dinner time, most of us ordered dinner and sorry, it was a little hard for me to take pics of everyone's they were all hungry and busy chatting and also tucking in after a hard day's work and a long, decided not to bug them:)
As for me, I ordered the day's special; which was the Grilled Dory Fish in Black Pepper Sauce
Yeay....they took a pic of me with the food...haha...sighhh....
A closer shot of the dory fish fillet which costs about Rm15.00.
Taste wise, it was not bad :)
I actually tried to take a pic of Butchie's beef burger but it turned out to be too dark to be posted here:(
Anyway, these were the random pics of the gang who turned up that night; mostly from the Thermal and Mechanical engineer team since Butchie was from that team originally before he transferred to the other department.

Creamy carrot soup which he claimed was the best as it was thick and tasted really good.
Sorry, didn't manage to take a pic of that:(
The others; tucking in and chatting among themselves - these were the candid photos taken by Butchie with his digital camera hanging around his neck.
Rico and Butchie....old time best friends and colleagues from The Philippines:)
Rico is another nice guy...fatherly- I met him during my first business trip in Shanghai through my mentor and he is a humble, down-to-earth and number one family man.
A doting dad and a loyal husband:)
Last pic with Butchie before I left to go home...
Bye bye Butchie...we will definitely miss keep in touch! ~

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