Friday, December 15, 2006

GPTW Offsite meeting...

Today I attended the GPTW Offsite meeting at the Evergreen Laurel Hotel located in Gurney Drive....(actually we went there last year too:p )
You can read and view more pics of the offsite activities in my Princess Blog
I kinda liked the hotel and the services provided here despite the fact that they are not really a 5-star hotel...but, it's also a 4-star hotel:)

I remembered their lunch buffet last year..I was there twice for a management promotion lunch and also the GPTW offsite as well:)
Was there early; so took a quick pic of the function room (hehe...too free:p )
The banquet table...hmmm, too grand a term to use....this is our refreshments table (snacks and tea stuffs)
They provided us with paper, pencil, water and sweets.
Now this is not courtesy of the hotel.....the gang came and started distributed all these junkies....not goodies; these are not good for health ya (despite those info on the benefits of chocolates)...these can send you to hell:p
Everyone was making a row when they arrive at 8.30a.m; demanding for breakfast. It was not ready yet...hahaha.....will be ready by 9a.m.....hahaha....guess the disappointed groans (from their stomachs:p )
Hmmmm...I do wonder whether they are more interested in the food or the conference...
Finally, breakfast is ready...
Coffee or tea, anyone? Miss President is serving everyone...haha....think it is essential to keep the group awake..then again, these are not good for health.
Neither for me....and this is the art of coffee (Miss P is wondering why I take pics of the coffee)
Fried mee hoon.....not bad lar...but my siao gang start stirring the mee hoon to look for the shrimps....haha
Mini lotus buns (xiao long pao) - everyone complained that this was too hard!!
Our advisor told us to keep this and throw them at anyone who fell asleep during the meeting....haha, ingenious new advisor:p
Introducing to you, the filling of the mini bun; the lotus paste. This is courtesy of Chee Leng; whom everyone told me to observe her unique way of eating the bun.
She only eats the filling and throws away the pastry...haha......:p
These were the sandwiches; ham and tuna I think....
Everyone laughed at me trying to capture pictures of the food......and bugged me to go get my portion.
This is Fook; trying to teach me the rightful way to take pictures.....
Theory #1: To include HUMANs in the photos...haha:)
The spread of the food....
Our new Finance Minister who just happily took her food...she's the gal who got us the venue and all the food arrangements....thanks Mei See...muacksss!
Disciplined people ler; putting away their plates after breakfast:)
Good boys and gals.....
We further had our buffet lunch which I am sad to report; did not have any pics since everyone kept laughing and picking at me for taking pics here and there; and of the food....sighhhh:(
So, I am stating here that PickyEater was scorned from taking photos during lunch.... and sulking...
For our tea snacks, I was having gastric and thus, no pics again...sorry ya....

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