Sunday, December 17, 2006

Japanese Lunch.....

For lunch today; we decided to finally try out Japanese food after going on about it for some time now...
I also found out that this little Pearl of Orient has quite a number of Jap restaurants - indicating their inclination towards this cuisine.

I remembered that during my 21st birthday, I was treated to Sushi King by a friend whom I am really thankful and also with my bestie in Mid Valley.

Okay, after much discussion, we went for Jap food...LOL and partly also because I found a couple of food bloggers who seem to have this soft side for this culinary that I wanted to try it out despite knowing that there will be nothing much on the menu for me except the fishy stuffs such as salmon, etc.
We went to this restaurant here in Pulau Tikus; actually Burmah Road - Furusato; next to highly popular Penang Bee Hooi coffee shop.
It looks interesting and I saw they had a couple of seafood item promotions before and wanted to try it out since then.
We stood at the main entrance for a while; trying to browse through and find interesting items on the menu...hhaha...particularly food for me lar:p
We finally went in and was greeted by very friendly fact, it looked pretty cosy as well.
They had 2 sections; the sit down section and the normal table setting.
I chose the table setting; is actually more Japaneses to choose the sit down section but there were only 3 tables and 2 were already I want to kind of sit in somewhere else...furthermore, there was this table in that sit down area which kept looking at me weirdly.
Maybe because I was taking pics....then I decided to keep it a low profile...and turned off the flash while taking my pics...haha....*looks down* :p
Nice interior and cosy environment.....they even have a reading section which was located pretty near where I sat...but most of them were Jap magazines...bummer:p
This is where they displayed those bottles and wine jugs....bro, anything that intrigue you?:p
Now comes to the ordering part....hmmm, the waiter, I must say, was one of the BEST that I had ever met. And you gotta believe PickyEater when I say so....he was super friendly and also courteous that I really must mention him here and personally would like to award him for his BEST manners.
He made us felt more comfortable and not weird when we placed our orders...(you know some waiters give you the LOOK when you order too few items, non-expensive items, confused on what to order, etc). Well, this guy definitely did not do any of those....he is super friendly...

Somehow, he made the first impression that it is worth it to even if the food was lousy:p
First class service...sometimes, I just prefer to have people who treat you with respect and you know the Customers first, Customers are always right kind of policy......we get this in classy restaurants..which is why you pay a little more than usual.
Kudos and I believe that those people in service line should take him as a role model and also definitely, take classes from him...hahaha....
See, I am talking too much about this waiter when I am supposed to talk about the food....hehehe.
We wanted to try out the value lunch sets which they displayed on the menu outside...some sort of promotion whereby they have lunch set with rice, drink, desserts, soup for only RM9.90.
Pretty cheap right?
However, too bad they only have it on weekdays.....hmmm, restaurants are getting smarter too:p
So, we flipped through the menu and we ordered the Shioyaki lunch set. (Oooo...he was very patient in explaining the items on the menu and also in attending our queries and indecisiveness....hehe:)
Then we ordered an additional yasai...which was a vegetable dish....practically stir fry of a combination of vegetables such as bean sprouts, carrots, cabbage and onions. I tried this once with my good friend who treated me on his birthday...haha...Pamalite...or is it Kensington?Hehehe....he brought me to Nippon Yataimura which was also along the same row but sorry lar; I didn't take any pics at that time:p
Anyway, the thing I remembered about this dish was that they sprinkled those spring onions which was freshly fried and sort of "squirmed" on top of the other vegetables.
The reason was those condiments were rather soft and was heated at too high a temperature...thus, when you place them, they sort of move in a worm-like manner...geli-fying.
And I still remember this Kensington actually teased me about it...hahaha.....naughty:p
This was the green tea...Ocha....which was served the minute we sat down (prior to our orders)
Waited for a while and then finally our food arrived....
Shioyaki Lunch Set.....costs about RM23 and contains a piece of salmon, rice, miso soup, some kimchi/soury vege and also hor....these jellies look tempting.
The salmon tasted bland and tough as well....but definitely not as oily as the ones I used to try. After a few bites, you kinda get accustomed and also like it...PickyEater likes it:)
The miso soup is normal...and I like the soury vege thingy...hehehe:p
The jellies for dessert was also nice...yumzz
This was the yasai - the stir fry vegetables...and yes, they have the same squirming effect....goshhh:p Nothing spectaculer....just less oily than Yataimura:)
Finished our food.....
The total bill came up to about RM34.01.......quite reasonable for Jap food.....
We enjoyed the friendliness of the people here.....if you do want to try out Japanese can try this place out:) more bugging me to go for Jap food unless I feel like it again...hehehe *grins cheekily*

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