Thursday, December 14, 2006

Bukit Genting Thai Seafood

Today I went to Bukit Genting to try out the Thai Seafood restaurant which was reputed to overlook an amazing view of the island on the hill top:)
Due to a celebrated occasion as well, decided to spend some time to go and try some new places:)
I have actually read about this place in a couple of blogs before this and got pretty good reviews...haha, not on the food but rather, on the scenery. My friend actually told me that the food here was only on the average and not that nice. Thus, guess this place is only commercializing on the scenery.
Anyway, this place is located on the hill; using the road to Balik Pulau...(I think:p )
In fact, you should be able to see a water tank...pretty big and then the sign to turn into the steep uphill road leading to the restaurant.

Hmmmm...road is steep ooooo......
Eh, this is not food ya....hahaha, it's a peacock
but it ran away when I click Snap!....sighhhh

Ooo....a herd of them:)
Nice scenery up here..... Breathtaking view of Penang island....wowww...who cares whether the food is good anymore..:p
This is the dining area....they have little huts everywhere too if you prefer personal space....but this is the main area for dining which the server led us to.
Wowww....check out the scenery!!!
Finally seated.... my table; No. 40
Menu - food variety was not a lot but definitely an array of varied items (not similar genre as what I see in other Thai dining)
Our drinks arrived....Chrysanthemum Tea

Me enjoying my drink:)
They brought the cutleries as well and a cup of paper napkins.

Food is here....first to arrive....
Seafood Kerabu- Now this was good, there's 2 big prawns and loads of squids and chunks of fish fillets (small cubes) and also parsley....tastes spicy and soury at the same time...yum yum, really appetizing. I enjoyed this....although it is not that friendly to my little tummy:p
Claypot/Sar Pou tofu (something to lay back for the spicy food effect:) - again, this was served not in a claypot (what's with Penang food; claiming one thing but serve in another...don't they know what is claypot?) This is again (as yesterday, served in a little wok)...sighhhhh:(
I saw those garlic oil on top of it; it doesn't look good nor does it smell good.
Actually as it turns out, it's really not good at all...tasted bland and not nice at all. They used those Japanese tofu but I think they kinda overdid the frying part of the bean curd which caused it to be a little bit harder and also dried up. There's also vegetables such as napa cabbage, little maize/corn, chicken meat, shittake mushrooms and mixed vegetables.
Really bad lar.....
Thai Fish cake - hmmm, this was not bad. Tasted fishy; it was stuffed with the fish paste and it tasted unique:)Kinda liked the taste of it; it was fried; though it was a tad bit oily but the fishy taste made up for it...
The spread of the food on the table...

At the end of dinner.....
Finished kerabu seafood...yumzzz.....liked it...despite the spicy sensation it stirred in my little tummy:p

Total bill costs...RM30.90....not bad huh?
Kerabu seafood - RM15
Fish Cake x2 - RM3.20
Claypot Tofu - RM10
Chrysanthemum Tea x2 - RM2
White rice - RM0.70

Location: Use the route to Balik Pulau, turn in at the signboard once you see the white water tank.
Ambience: 3/5
Food quality: 3/5

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  1. Hi all, below is a link to a video of the hill climb section of the journey to the place. Taken off a dash mounted sports camera, in full HD but effective resolution dropped due to poor light from heavy clouds.