Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas gathering+Butchie's LAST farewell @ Papa Pizza

Butchie's leaving on the 18th of Dec....awwwww.......sadddddd.....:( *sobs*
Didn't get much chance to hang out with this guy but know that he is someone with a big heart and also a big appetite...hahaha:)
But he's cautious as well in his eating, as Marita(my mentor through whom I knew him says:)
I was trying to get him to go the Christmas Day celebration (carnival-styled...organized by the Catholic Churches' community in huh:) on Sunday night; 17th Dec 2006 but he was having some tummy discomfort issues and furthermore he wanted to pack.
So, I suggested that we do one more gathering cum be-earlieth Christmas celebration before he leaves for home:)
And we were thinking of where is the ideal place for the gathering....I suggested TGIF in Queensbay Mall and Butchie mentioned that he went there the last Friday.....bummer.
Then he went on and on about this Papa Pizza place which he liked and used to frequent in Tanjung Tokong....I took it that he liked Italian food and wanted to suggest a few other places.And he just kept on mentioning Papa's that I finally relented and said, "Okay, since this is your final gathering anyway...."
So, it was set....Tuesday night; Papa Pizza at 7.30p.m for those who come after work and inclusive of the traffic jam wait:p
I have never been there before but I roughly know where the place is since they mentioned about Copthorne Hotel and the Toy Museum. You know, when you pass by that Hotel and also the museum and you are driving on the left side of the road, you will notice on your left that there is this row of houses which were converted into restaurants. If you see a Korean Kimchi Restaurant, this Papa Pizza place was just next to it.
Anyway, so I carpooled with SM, since he was from that side of the island anyway and we reached there by 7 where Butchie and Rico were already he thought the event was at 7pm since I told him I'd be there by 7 but I actually sent out the invitation; stating and HIGHLIGHTING the time to be at 7.30p.m.....hahaha....he took the wrong cue (actually it was his fault for not reading his email).....and he blamed it that he had to return his laptop on that same day and was unable to access his Outlook calendar anymore....sighhh...Butchie and his excuses:p
I am always annoyingly punctual anyway, everyone knows that and thus I was there half an hour earlier. Furthermore, I was the so-called organizer and I hate to be late...but Butchie was there like; at freaking 6.30p.m.....
He must LOVE that place:p
So, he had ordered the pizzas...bad bad Butchie.....where are the manners? (Just kidding:P)
They had an extensive menu and a wide selection of pizzas; in fact, even more than Pizza Hut, Domino's, Shakeys and all those pizza outlets alike out there. The pizzas were prized at RM20.20.....and Butchie was like telling me that each time he came here with Logen, Scooby and his wife, they ordered one each and they can finish them.....*salutes*
Their favourites are Hot Chick, Meat Lover - yeah, they name their pizzas in a cute and funny way:)
So, while they were busy looking through the menus, Butchie prompted me to take pictures as he knows I love those photo-taking and also for my blogging *winks*
The environment in the pizza place....
No, these are not available here - as Butchie told me (and Logen after that)'s actually an advertisement placed by this Ritz cakeshop which is in Tanjung Tokong...those shops opposite Island Plaza. way of catching people's attention for desserts and cakes:P
That's Butchie...he's also preparing his camera to take pictures of the food.....hahaha....and then he realized that why does he need to take picture of the food.....hahaha....the disease is spreading:P
This is Hot Chick I think......
Since I am non-meat lover, I had the pick of the non-meat pizza and I chose a seafood one (WITHOUT crabsticks).....I chose the Under The Sea...which had tuna, pineapple, etc etc.
In short, these were all the pizzas we ordered....and I really cannot remember which is which....Butchie, can you remember them?:p
This was my Iced Lemon Tea....wonder why they had to separate the sugar or taste enhancer in a separate little jug? Can't they just mix it? SM mentioned it was probably to suit different individual's preference......ohhhhhhhh:P
Butchie's man and macho drink....hahaha...Coke:p
Our Pizzas.....hmmmmm.....
Let me try this:
1. This was the Beef pizza....what was the name again? Mama something? (I am checking from the time on the photographs....coz I remembered the order and the sequence in which they arrived:)
2. My Under the Sea....the seafood pizza.....tasted not bad....
3. Another beef cow eaters....cruelty to the Moo kind....poor cows....grrrrrr....
4. Was this the Hot Chick or the Luxury Hawaiian? I can't doesn't matter....they are meat eaters....carnivores...and ferocious ones too....
5. I think this was the Papa Show Off (another chicken pizza), these meat eaters.....
Hmmmm...I can't say much about the other pizzas but from I tasted, the pizzas here are better than those famous pizza chains......their bread was quite thin and it was actually more on the toppings and the ingredients which stole the show:)
Not bad for a pizza place....despite my infrequency and non-preference for fast food and pizza/pastas, I must say this is a good place:)
The environment was not bad as well.....
Richard is here!!
Tabasco sauce; from USA you know:p...Logen wondered why was I taking pictures of small bottle of Tabasco sauce...hahaha:p
Look at my food pictures....(copycat...:p)
Florence soon arrived and then Ian, who came after cycling and Logen was sure to make him sit far away if he hadn't shower:p Ian mentioned he had showered; but somehow he was still sweating profusely when he arrived...anyway, he sat on the opposite site; next to Keh Shin and they ordered more pizzas......
I think it was a total of 7 pizzas that night....for like...9 people??? It was not was them!!!:p
I didn't take pictures of the other 2 pizzas....I think one was another re-order of Hot Chick and I missed out on the Luxurian Hawaiian....
After that, it was dessert time....yeah, there's still room for dessert.
Me, SM and Scooby made a pass.....Scooby had a pretty good reason for that...haha, no sugar after 7pm:p
Why not no smoking after 7?hahahaha...
Everyone was pretty cooperative with me taking pics of their desserts before they eat since Butchie told them I wanted these for my food blog...hahaha *awww...shy*
Logen then told me to approach the restaurant and tell them that I am doing a review for their restaurant and try to get some free guy:)
These were their desserts:
Oreo Cheese - Butchie and Rico both had this...sorry for the blurry pic:(
Ian asked what was this about and they started to describe that it was Chocolate/Oreo Cake with cheese or Cheese cake with Oreo...hahaha, and it doesn't matter.
Anyway, this is definitely the latter; Cheese cake with toppings of Oreo:)
Keh Shin's Tiramisu....she liked it:)
Ian's waffles....smelt fact the aroma while they were cooking it already filled the whole restaurant.....and it looked the most interesting of the lot....hehehe....still disappointed it came out blurry:(
Logen's double scoop ice-cream.....
Florence's dessert- forgot the name:p
Everyone had a great fill and then the bill came; abotu RM199++.....wowwww....almost RM200 just for pizzas.....:O
However, it was pretty much it since there were like 7 pizzas....and also beers and desserts...I think it's pretty reasonable...although SM thinks it's a bit pricey for pizzas......sighhh, Penangites are too cautious with the prices:p
To my embarassment, Butchie foot the bill and refused our payment.
Thanks Butchie!!!
We had some group pics which are in his camera...he will send that next year...make that fast!!! I want them here on my blog:)
Gave him a quick hug and bade him farewell for his trip home the next day; which is today at 10.30a.m.
Thanks guys for coming was definitely a fun and full gathering...hahaha:)
Butchie....stay in touch back in the Philippines...I know you have the*winks*
Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!


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