Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Fruit's Maturity Indices

Found something on the maturity indices of the fruits....actually tells you from the colour of the flesh/skin of the fruits on the level of maturity and whether it is ready for consumption.
It is pretty informative and also relates the maturity level to the texture and the taste of the fruit if consumed at that time.
Only have these 5 fruits; let me search for more to be shared:)
Fruit No. 1: Daddy's favourite fruit...the Mango:) But I think this fruit is also well-loved by practically everyone....hehehe, yea, except me....Picky Gal:p
I don't really favour this fruit...find it too rich in the texture and somehow, I always get the light rash and itch if I do eat this fruit:p
So, guess I am allergic to this fruit as well...hahaha...that's what you get when you come across me; the typical hypersensitive Princess.

Fruit No.2: Papaya....hahaha...this fruit tickled me since some of my gal friends mentioned the benefits of its consumption to women. Hahaha...I think it was really funny and kinda made me have second thoughts when I want to consume this fruit. Then again, I don't really have specific liking to this fruit; just find it normal. Mum used to buy the Hawaiian papaya which was a small-sized tropical type. The flesh is not too soft and lumpy as the local ones...not too bad actually. Guess this explains that papaya especially, needs to be consumed at the time before it gets ripe (if you are like me; with that preference for harder texture:)

Fruit No. 3: Starfruit....this fruit is famous for its de-oxidation properties and also for cardiovascular diseases. In fact, there was some time ago when mum and granny mentioned that it can help to keep the blood pressure low; which was pretty good news for those with hypertension (high blood pressure) problems. The famous and nicest/juiciest starfruits would come from Serdang in of the unique local fruits in Malaysia.

Fruit No.4: Hail the Queen of Local Fruits....Pineapple:) I don't know why; but if Durian was crowned the King of Fruits, then I always deem that Pineapples which somehow seems like the Phoenix version of the fruit should be bestowed the queen title as well:)
Hailing from the South of Malaysia where it is grown in masses in the State of Johor (remember your geography?), this fruit is also well-known for its acidic nature and most of the people I know; particularly ladies, try to avoid this fruit to avoid menstrual cramps as well.
I have a penchant for this fruit as well and find it really nice...despite numerous and endless warnings on my gastronomical imbalance and discomfort:p

Fruit No.5: One of my likings; the Watermelon:) This is undoubtedly the best fruit for its water level is as high as 95-99%. Amazed? hahaha...I also found this from mum who heard this on a documentary show. It is one cooling fruit with the thirst-quenching properties....and I do remember its goodness when I was very sick 2 years ago with very high and haemorrhagic fever in the hospital:(
However, the older generation (granny's gen), claims this fruit is too cooling and often advises ladies especially not to consume this too often. me, I am always the opposing one; and I do not find this backed up profoundly by any medical facts and thus, I chose to ignore the old superstition:p

That's all on some fruits blogging...hehehe:) Oh, do remember to take more fruits and veggies; they are good for you...take note those of you out there (you know who you are:p )
And, the above are all local fruits (but Princess's fave fruits are not here on the list....hehe)

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  1. Hi there! Can I know the reference of MI for mango that you get?