Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Christmas Goodies

Hmmm...Christmas, being one of the glamourous festive season is also not excluded from the food galore spread.
Most of the time, I am often asked by friends, "What do you guys have for Christmas?" or rather, specifically, "What do you EAT for Christmas?"
Well, that's broaching a pretty broad and subjective topic as there is no pre-defined or fixed menu for Christmas. Furthermore, with the diversity in culture and geographical locations, the food menu for Christmas varies across the globe as well.

I just got some pics here from the Internet on the stuffs we see from the Western Christmas spread...

The normal tradition:

Christmas cakes:

Christmas cookies/Gingerbread cookies


Mince pies (will blog about the tradition of mince pies and stollen - something new to Malaysians:)

More for your eyes only:)
Feeling hungry already?Hahaha....these are just the famous food for Christmas season but we do not really have all these; since we are Asians after all.
We have our own Asian style of Christmas spread; but sometimes we do include Christmas cakes:) I remembered that Daddy used to buy Christmas cakes every year for the celebration as we attend the Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve and when we come back, Mum will just cut the cakes and we usually have a short family gathering and talk before retiring to bed to wake up on Christmas morning.
Used to have some yuletide log-shaped cake one year and then it was mostly Carrot cake from Stanson's.
I am not a fan of cakes but it is the presence which brings you the Christmassy feeling as well *winks*
Wonder what's cooking for Christmas this year? We are still deciding on our Christmas feast....haha....

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