Monday, December 18, 2006

CUTE alert: Bento's to die for

I got these pics from a friend who forwarded the email to us.
Again, disclaimer note that I, Angelstar@PickyEater did not steal or copy these images from any websites.....and am just sharing pics which I got from another friend.
If you are uncomfortable or if these pics rightfully belong to you, just drop me a note and I will remove it.
There's so many of them...and seriously, these are super creative and simply adorable...I don't think anyone can have the heart to eat them...ruining the cute images...hahaha..I know i won't do it.....:p
By the way, bentos are typical packed meals - what you pack for your lunch or for any Chinese you call them "pian tang". In English, we just call them packed lunch:p
Bentos are usually home-made; prepared and usually put in a plastic container or tupperware for the person meant. It is a faze in Japan and Korea and Taiwan as well...and now they have come up with such a creative way to do so:p
They are mostly made from the typical type of ingredients used in Japanese style food....seaweed, sausages, nuggets, etc....there's so many pics here.....wanna play a guessing game?Tell me what do you think are in those bentos......
1. Cats are made of seaweed and typical sushi
Bottom: Tomatoes, lettuce, some potatoes and my guess; some nuggets:p
2. Ham and rice
3. SOooo adorable....

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