Saturday, December 16, 2006

Dim Sum Galore....

Before my trip to Perlis yesterday morning, we went for our breakfast......usually dim sum at our few "old places"
Went to Leong Kee for dim sum (read in other blogs that this place was quite famous for their dim sum:)
Ordered more than usual as surprisingly, they seemed to have more seafood variety this round - prawn dumplings.
This is one new one; a cute little prawn dumpling; my friend commented it looks like a xiao long pau:)
Let me name it; xiao long xia (small prawn:p )
The variety of the dim sum we had....from top left: har kao (normal prawn dumpling), scallop with prawn dumpling, har mai(improved from last time), "xiao long xia", and fish balls.
The guy who served us the dim sum saw me taking these pics and opened up the steamer basket, offering me to take the pictures:)
So kind of him....haha, he even asked whether we were locals:p
These are the pictures of the dim sum he has on his trolley:)
There's about 3 trolleys for dim sum; I think they kinda classify them into the meat/pork items and those on vegetables and non-meat based dim sum.
This guy has most of the prawn dumplings:)
Hmmmm....really enjoyed the dim sum; I think they really improved from the last time I was there.
I even joked with my friend that they probably did a post mortem or a revamp/revolution of their existing variety.....but anyway, really kudos for the improvement and the prices here are reasonable as well.
It is one of the oldest dim sum restaurants and they operate from 5am onwards....yumzzz....

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