Monday, December 18, 2006

Revolution of the Baby World...

Went for quick drink in the one of our favourite place:)
Hmmm...found that they changed the menu....yippee......and it looks way much better:)
Also, I noticed most of their prices have decreased dramatically....hahaha.....obviously in the items I select most of the time.
I love the iced smoothies here...and they have reduced like half of what they used to charge...which was like RM8.50 per drink and now it's like RM4.90....hmmmm, I wonder why the change....
My friend reminded me that previously they got us to fill in a survey form and got our feedbacks....ahhhh, now I remember. We deduced that probably majority were intimidated by the prices charged for the stuffs here and the also the serving portion. I don't think people really enjoy paying exorbitant prices for baby food.....and furthermore, this place serves more of snacks and leisure, the prices may not appeal to most; and they need to remember that this is furthermore, Penang island...or rather Frugal and Cost-saving people:p
Nevertheless, I was very happy with the cost reduction and they also added some new items....some ice-shaved desserts which if you notice and have been reading my blog, will know I kinda like these:)
I couldn't decide and at the same time, I need my dose of the fruit smoothie...the Honey Dew Ice Blended...too thirsty and craved for it since the day before.
So, we ordered my favourite drink and also this Kiwi Ice Dessert...not bad...they were pretty generous with the Kiwi fruit...and I'd say it's much more worth it compared to the other places I tried it out so far:)
Enjoying my drink:)
Oh ya, as we were enjoying our drinks, the lady boss (she is quite young and pretty:) walked past and saw us....she said hi to us...(she does know us due to our frequent visits and treats us well:)
Ooooo....Christmassy mood:)

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