Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Early Morning Tea at Leong Kee Tea Garden

"Yam Chou Cha" (literally translated as having an early morning drink) basically refers to the Chinese community's trend in the dim sum craze where you go early to the restaurant to book a place and then order your favourite dim sum to accompany your Chinese tea.
Most of the retirees or senior citizens favour the enjoyment of a pot of sizzling tea and they can go on and on, telling you the story of the tea and its leaves....distinguishing the different types of tea...amazing:p

I was at Leong Kee again in town; and as usual, there were already their normal crowd of the regular customers; namely the senior citizens and some early workers.
We ordered a couple of stuffs as depicted in the following photos:
Har Kao (prawn dumplings)
Fried fishballs
Steamed fishballs
Type of siu mai
So-so lar; but since it is one of the earliest dim sum place, just right to have a quick meal before work:p

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