Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Interesting Cakes!!

Seen enough of those conventional cakes and the layerings of the icing and cream?
Haha....let me share with you some interesting cakes' pictures forwarded to me by a friend of mine *winks*
Disclaimer: I am not an agent and is in no way associated to the makers/bakers of these cakes (I don't even know where to get these cakes:p)
This pictures come from a forwarded email and I would like to share them here for viewing pleasure.
What do you think? Looks too good to be true? Too unbelievable to be cakes, right?
Hahaha...I am impressed and this is really a twist to the good old cakes baking and decorations:p

If you are already dreaming of it, there's more....
Some of the Cartoon themed ones:


Looney Tunes

Bugs Bunny

My Fave, Pooh and friends!! (But this is rather bland, after all the magnificent exterior...this is just like any typical cake toppings, huh? )

Want more?
Ever heard of cake porn? Hahaha....look at how seductive these cakes are...definitely adult-themed and not for kids below 18 (Parental filter required for the cakes:p )

And these; are just simply adorable....
Hmmm, guess it really takes time to do the colouring and the adorning of the cake...if you look at the depiction of the art, it is not an easy feat huh?

Happy cake-oogling:p

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