Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sea View Dinner

After a long day traversing from one end of the island to the other (it's just a 20KM radius anyway:p ), we started scouting for our dinner place....actually we found a place nearby the hotel (which was another hotel near the beach) and they had this Chinese Seafood restaurant; Sea View.
We went there and hey, I was looking for hornbills the whole day after reading about them in the travel guide and lo behold, what a sight that welcomed us near the beach.
The hornbills came to this restaurant and they even set up a table for them to perch on it and also with food scattered on the table for the birds to feast on:) Carrots....yumm yumm....I want to eat that too, hornbill!!:p
Look at them!!
And a nice view of the horizon....why isn't the sun down yet? I wanna watch the sunset!!
I couldn't resist being part of the picturesque scene as well *winks*
We chose a table near the ranch-like (just in Eden Seafood) except that theirs are stone-like/marble table....and I was directly facing the sea.
But, boy, the sun was really strong.....not ready yet for bedtime:p
We thought they were offering a seafood buffet but they told us it was for the staff....aikksss:p
And this is our order.....
Haha...the Grilled Fish Fillet....we didn't even realize we ordered a Western set:P
No wonder they gave us the cutlery for Western food earlier...haha, we were laughing....
Cauliflower with Seafood....yumzzzzz:D There's cauliflowers, thin slicing of fish cakes, shrimps, squids, spring onions and garlic and also ginger....tasted not bad:)
Sweet and sour prawns....erm, sorry for the blur picture quality...must have been too excited to see the prawns and also the sun glaring at me....
Not bad too; but a little too saucy (tomato sauce too thick:p )
And drinks, fruit juices.....refreshing!:D
Let's eat....
A nice meal...fusion of East meets west...we had both Western and Eastern in one...haha, killing 2 birds (ermmm....cuisines) with one meal! :D:D

Planning of Ipoh Trip

My Jee Mui gang is planning a trip to Ipoh...yeah, they want to go on a makan-makan trip to Ipoh.....and previously it was postponed dy due to the so-called storm to the northern side of Peninsular Malaysia at that time and they wanted to be on the safe side; thus the calling off of the trip.
Now, Mr Fook re-organize and did his homework for the trip and this was his proposed itinerary...he called it the 18-hours makan trip ...
6.00a.m. : Depart from Penang
8.00-9.00a.m. : Dim sum and Tau Fu Fa in Ipoh
9.30-10.00a.m: Take away Egg tarts for family and friends
10.30-11.00a.m: Take away famous biscuits; Heong Peah for family and friends
Noon-1.00p.m.: Light Lunch (deep fried snacks and desserts)
1.00-3.30p.m.: Pomelo shopping and Jusco (movie and tummy break)
4.00-4.30p.m: White Coffee in Old Town (Tea Break)
5.00-6.00p.m: Crab feast
6.30-7.30p.m: Take away famous wrapped/bread/salted chicken
7.30-8.30p.m: Tummy Break
8.30-9.30p.m.: Dinner (Sar Hor fun and famous Bean Sprout Chicken or Nga Choy Kai)
Midnight: Reached Penang
Extensive least I think it was better planned with mostly light meals in between and more on take aways.
Hmmm...wonder if this schedule will go as planned....but really, makan trip....makan all the way...:p
Kudos to Fook for the research/homework done! :)
So, when's the trip?
I am more interested in the pictures session :p

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Lunch in Pangkor

Once we reached Pangkor, we were busy looking for any decent eating places after checking in. Since this is just a small town, all we had to do was just make some rounds to check out the whole place.
Guess what, we found nothing!! Phew....all the places were closed and we were so looking forward to a nice seafood meal (fresh seafood) on this little fishing island....sighssss!!~
Finally, I caught sight of this shop which seemed to be open compared to the others as there were 2 youths; a boy and a girl who were busy setting up the tables - probably for some function of some sort (possibly a wedding). They were laying out red tablecloths and also pink paper napkins and the normal utensils on the tables.
So, we decided to give it a shot and walked slowly towards the shop.
We asked them whether they will be having a function but they did not answer and welcomed us in. They took off the tablecloth of one table for us and seated us; and still, did not answer any of our questions on whether they will be having the function then:p
A lady came to take down our orders; recommended their signature dishes in a very funny sort of way:p
This is how the shop looks like; all the typical olden type of coffee shops.
There was this big mirror on the wall.
An aquarium near our table; with the flowerhorn fish....I backed the aquarium so that I will not have qualms later as we ordered fish:p
They used metal bowls and teapots to soak our utensils in hot water.
Look; they are still using this metal bucket for ice!^_^ (it's an antique now in KL:p )
We ordered the Chrysanthemum tea; and the ice to be added to our liking.
Our food arrived.
The stir fry lettuce cabbage (we originally ordered the napa cabbage but they ran out of it and they recommended this - they are the ones making most of the decisions anyway; using the signature or freshness of the item as their selling line:p )
This dish was a bit oily; but the cabbage was indeed quite juicy and fresh.
Next, their signature style of the calamari; stir fried calamari with dried chillis and also oyster sauce. Unique huh? Usually we go for either style but here, they combined both styles so it ended up quite oily and personally, I didn't really like it this way...not nice at all:p
Last, our steamed fish - I have no idea what fish is this; but its texture tasted like the white promfret. She called it the "Pek Kam" fish...and that it was fresh from the sea that morning. Who knows, probably it was White Promfret but surprisingly it had these "whiskers"; sort of a mixture with the cat fish breed.
The total bill= Rm35; not too expensive compared to Penang:p

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Ipoh Road famous Yong Tau Foo in Kepong?

Mum and Dad brought me to this place near Metro Prima; which had like 2-3 shop outlets and with a bright yellow sign saying Ipoh Road Yong Tow Foo.
I used to remember this Yong Tow Foo place near Ipoh road which was actually at a corner near the traffic light junction and it was a corner shack of a place. We used to go there when I was young as it was pretty famous until they moved and since then, we always see loads of places with signs claiming that they are the famous Ipoh Road Yong Tow Foo or the Ampang Yong Tow Foo....hmmmm; doubts on the liability:p
This place was air-conditioned and they serve a couple of side dishes beside the usual Yong Tow Foo.
Lady Fingers(my fave!:), White bean curd and the bitter gourd
Fried Sui Kow (dumplings - minced meat and fish paste) *Why is there minced meat??? Thought Yong Tow Foo stuffs are supposed to be purely fish paste-based? *glooms*
Soupy stuffs - fish balls and the steamed dumplings (same as fried; only this time it's in soup:)
Daddy's fave; the Fried Foo Chook (bean curd sheet)
And our side order; the Assam Fish (RM10 for 2 fish). They used the Kembong Fish....oklar; not too bad:)
The important condiment for Yong Tow Foo; the sauce...the sweet sauce mixed with Chilli sauce...
Our spread of food....
Total bill= RM40++ ( a little pricey; but each piece costs about RM0.70) and this is a serving for 5 people...oklar:)

Dim Sum in Ipoh

On my way to Pangkor/KL, stopped by Ipoh for breakfast; my favourite dim sum restaurant in town; Yoke Fook Mun!!~
However, I must say that their dim sum really deteriorated...and PickyEater is really really very disappointed!:( *sad sad sad....where else can we find nice dim sum???:((
Somemore not a lot of choices and the dim sum shrunk in size and not so fresh....sigh, in short, really bad dim sum breakfast..and to think I looked forward and missed the dim sum here so much:(
**Okay, better not complain or criticize too much; otherwise kena sue pula:p***
Disclaimer: This comment is purely based on PickyEater's taste buds alone which may not match anyone else in the world as in DNA case:p
Anyway, not a lot of stuffs ordered:
The Fish balls....
Shrimp dumplings (Har Mai)
Prawn dumplings (Har Gao)
Last round, we tried the one opposite this restaurant during lunch hour as we stopped by after noon in Ipoh and was looking around for lunch....this was not nice. But seems that most of the people (Ipoh-born as well) commented that it was nice; probably due to our late visit....perhaps I will try this restaurant next round.... *winks*

Seafood at Teluk Kumbar

Went for seafood on Tuesday despite the seafood fiesta we had over the weekend and the public holidays due to the holiday trip:)
Went to Teluk Kumbar; to one of our old seafood restaurants; Good Friend.
I have been here before; in 2005 when my mentor was here and I came here with a bunch of colleagues for dinner.
I remembered that I liked the place as it was located right on the beach and the tables gave you that near-to-sea feel:)
(Although after that I found out that most of the seafood restaurants have have that same tendency as well:)
So, we were again, the earliest customer....sigh, what to do, I am always the first:)
Nice view of the sea ler....this is the other end of the island dy....
Nothing grand; just a shack of a food stall....
And these were what we ordered:
Dried Chilli with Mantis prawns.....okay only; as it was too deep fried and the mantis prawns were small; probably too fried until it lost the succulency:p
Not as nice as MGF and also the Chai Seafood in Batu Maung...but still oklar; in fact still can feel the taste and sometimes long for it though:p
FoodBuddy wanted to try out the satay; I think it was also run by the restaurant.
Each satay costs RM0.60....and the funny thing was when FoodBuddy came back after ordering:
PickyEater: So what satay did you order?
FoodBuddy: Satay lar...
PickyEater: What satay?
FoodBuddy: Huh?
PickyEater: Chicken, pork, beef satay? (Hello??)
FoodBuddy: Ooooohhhhhhh....I dunno...
PickyEater: HUHHHH???
FoodBuddy: I just ordered satay; it's probably chicken....dun think it's gonna be pork...
PickyEater: Halal here?
FoodBuddy: I don't know
Anyway, he orderd 5 (after a long discussion whether it was appropriate to order that number of satay:). Of course, to me, that's the power of being a can do just anything, they are that frugal and can even buy 1 little kueh...try doing that in KL:p
And turns out, it was Chicken Satay....sighhhss....FoodBuddy, next time should ask lar (or probably Penangites usually assume:p )
He said it was not bad wor....but I helped myself to the sliced source of vegetables since FoodBuddy didn't order vegetables...sighsss....
I noticed that they were pretty calculative with the portion served; they actually cut it into half for the KL, they give you the crescent-shaped and thicker than this :)
And our last order; Thai-style steamed was actually a Red Snapper fish....this was not bad:)
Total bill was about Rm28...not bad; will come back of course:)