Thursday, June 21, 2007

Kimchi, Bibimbap, Sashimi,

Oooo....I am now in Tokyo....after a couple of days in Seoul....
Hehe....took lots of pics of food here in the 2 countries...stay tune yea...for more Korean and Jap food.....
Hehehe.....just posting to make some of you go slurps...hehehe:)
Tata....Sayonara....Tokyo Drift:)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Deluxcious Spa & Cuisine

Had a little celebration yesterday....hehe, so we decided to pamper ourselves....had a long list of suggestions for the places to dine and finally, this was the choice...went to this place near Thirty Two Mansion; Deluxcious.
I googled up some info on this place yesterday; and it seems that it was a place for spa and relaxation besides serving you food.
Also, the food here is customized to provide for well-being and luxury after your soothing therapy. As such, their food is served with a distinct twist to the normal Western sets with the fusion or Oriental style which you cannot find elsewhere. In other words, unique Western food.
Hmmm...sounds interesting:)

We were led to the East wing where we were seated. There were some renovations going on in the front of the restaurant (mansion-like)
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Unique table settings; there were 4 and it was like diagonally will be tables with red napkins and the other diagonal will be white napkins.
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That was my table on the right; white napkins:(

Served us a glass of water while waiting for the order.
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We ordered from the menu; they are offering sets; so you need to only choose your main.
For the main you choose (there's different price ranges), your set will be according to the main ordered. For instance, if you ordered a main which costs RM30; the whole set will cost RM30.
The highest range is RM55; which includes lobster.

Bread and butter is served while waiting; as usual.
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The bread given is yellow; I was skeptic whether it was really plain bread...hehe, but a whiff of it proved it is indeed bread...haha:p
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My orange juice...very the sweet ah!!!!
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Carrot without milk...also SWEET!!! What kind of healthy food are they serving:p
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First, the smoked salmon and tutti frutti salad with wasabi dressing....
Really different and unique and I liked it.
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There were crumbs, orange, grape, tomato, onion, lettuce, cabbage....nice...with wasabi...spicy with a twist!!!
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The creamy weird weird soup...don't like it; think it's mushroom soup...:p
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Finally the mains....
This is mine....the Pan Roasted Canadian Cod Fish...I was deciding between this and the one with mackerel juice...
This is with Chicken spice sauce...not bad but VERY OILY!!!
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This is the Baby Grouper with clams with tomato sauce....RM45....also very oily...
It tasted more like snapper fish...
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My cup of tea? Not really a fan of tea...but since it's in the set..i took the you know, I am not a fan of coffee...caffeine is a drug ler:p
So, took the tea O....
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A cup of coffee....
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This is the dessert; this is supposed to be the lime sorbet...
The waitress came to ask us whether to Tiramisu...and I said no coz as I have said, no interest in stuck to Lime sorbet.
But when served, it was still upgraded to something else...this was the Pino Colada....
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Basically, it was just a 3-layered puree on the top (the yellow orange layer), coconut milk pudding in between (custard) and jelly.
So-so...dun really want it anymore.

Total bill came up to main was RM30; the other was RM45.
And the juices cost about RM15 darn expensive....
Not a great place lar despite the vast variety in fish and seafood dishes....
Worth a try but not really my cup of tea lar...

Ice Kacang and Double Fish grill

Dinner at Food Loft the other day....just a simple one coz I wanted to do some shopping in Gurney Plaza.
Ordered the Jumbo Ice Kacang....nice...RM5.90 with lots and lots and lots of attap chee...neverending until the last scoop:)
So niceeeeeeeee....:)
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Again, decided to share one main; since I wasn't particularly hungry nor fond of the food here:p
So we ordered the Snow and Salmon Grill....mixture of both Snow Fish (one fillet) on top of another salmon fillet...
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And that's topped with Caviar sauce and some mashed potatoes beneath them....
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RM16.90 for this....

Total bill also about RM25 I think...pricey:p

Takku Little Cafe

During the weekend, again, it was always a headache looking for places for lunchie.
And another thing that annoyed me was the glaring sun which makes your day so humid and unpleasant.
Anyway, we finally stumbled upon this little cafe by chance when we rounded up the Nagore Road and saw this.
Cute name and there were set lunches and desserts; so we decided to give it a try.

Very unique and heritage feeling with a cross fusion with the modern twist; but still gives you that hard rock 60's- 70's groove:)
They were playing songs that sounded like they came from those old jukeboxes...all the way back to those hippie days....hehe, nice and the surprise, there was no other customers except us; felt like we booked the whole place :D
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Recently this has been the new era of cafes and hangout places; they are trying to mix and blend the nostalgic type with the modern style of cafes to create the unique twist.
Maybe after the mushrooming of so many cafes, some tend to lose out in the race.
Sadly, this is also one of the ones that could not attract many:(

They also allow reservations for singing auditions or any mini-concert, etc....just like my friend's cafe last time:)

There's a basket of sweets free for anyone to take at every single table...guess, that's their way of "bread and butter" or something for you to nibble on while waiting for the food to be served.
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And me, smile!~

They serve lunch in sets ranging from Rm11.90 onwards and sad to say, there was not a lot of choices to choose from.
We decided to share as I was more interested in their desserts and drinks rather than their food due to the hot weather.
We ordered this set; the Honey Fried Fish Fillet with rice.
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Nice? Golden fried huh?
Quite crispy and sweet to taste....not too bad...and the portion was more than what we get in Kocha for a set:D

It came with vege as well...this was the stir-fried yau mak.....or lettuce
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And also cabbage soup with radish....
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And of course, the rice
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And this was the drink that came along with it; one of those fiber juices....Dear chose the Soursop Juice...knowing how much I'd love to share....hehehehe!!
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So refreshing...but tad a little too sweet for my liking.
Nothing fiber though....wondering whether that is true:p

And this is my shaved ice dessert!!! Only RM3.90 I think...can't remember clearly...
Strawberry with pearls shaved ice.... They took really long to prepare this despite there is no other customers around.
In fact, they freaked me out when I keep hearing the banging sounds in the kitchen....:o
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Anyway, there were preserved strawberries in it....but it was really too sweet for me again:p
But still, quite nice lar...something new; I will come back to try out their other ice desserts:)
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And this was the dessert that came with the set; the mixed fruit with Ice cream...very little but think it was just okay lar...
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Total bill only about RM15 or so....not bad hor:)

Salmon Craving

After the movie, was thinking of where and what to eat when I suddenly felt like having salmon.
No particular place, there was just this sudden craving for salmon steak so much...I don't really care as long as I get a bite of salmon.
Haha....this is one of the rare occasion when PickyEater craves for food....weird right...and I blog about food; what a contradicting personality!
Well, I blog about food to prove that this little gal DOES eat....haha, all the evidences are recorded here:p

Okay, we finally decided to go to Little Cottage 2 (near the Botanical Gardens) in Gottlieb Road since I had a lunch gathering the other day here and furthermore, it was the nearest to Gurney Plaza at that time.

Bro, still remember this place where you had the Salmon in Creamy Butter Sauce with us and you enjoyed the food here? :)

We made a quick order....and as starters, bread and butter...not my basket of liking:p
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I don't like soup and I can never finish a set; hence you can never see me ordering soups, etc for my meals/dining in Western restaurants:p

Finally here comes the food!!
Of course, the Grilled Salmon is mine!!
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Sorry; too bright...the other pic was too dark.
I liked it; the fresh veggies....carrots were too soft though...oversteamed it I guess.
Broccolis, tomatoes and some lettuces.
The steak of salmon was okay...not too bad....:)
I finally get to taste and satisfy my salmon craving...yeayyY!!!~

Next is Dear's Oriental Dory Fish in Sweet and Sour Sauce....served sizzling hot.
This was also one of my favourite but since today I wanted salmon, this was not in my list....ehehe, but I still feel that this branch does not have the taste quality as the original outlet in Burmah Road.
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That's all for our dinner; about RM60++.....quite pricey sometimes to go for Western dining, don't you think?:p

Sweet Corn

Went to the movies again after my volunteer stint with the orphanage and we planned to watch the Singaporean comedy cum (sorta) horror movie...haha, it's Men in White (or in Chinese, Kuei ah Kuei translation as Ghost ah Ghost Singlish:)

I was kinda starving since I didn't take the lunch provided for the volunteers; it loads of curry and I hate curries....I am not complaining; but just my preference of food again:p

So I got some Sweet corn for my nibbling before the movies; as I was about to get a bout of gastric.
I do so love Sweet Corn...and those in cups....yummylicious...hehehe:D
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These from GSC; costs about RM2.50 was not as nice as the one I tasted elsewhere....but when I am hungry and I need to eat something, this is better than nothing!
Plain corn in cup...I just want the Sweet sweet corn! :)
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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Vegetarian Delight

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Winter Warmers

Wanted to watch a movie last weekend; so went to Gurney Plaza.
Bought our movie tickets for Mimzy and went scouting for food.
Finally, we decided to try out Winter Warmers; a place which looked so English that I just wanted to give it a try:)

It was really an English style of nice :)
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Even the porcelain used here are priceless and I heard that they do impose a disclaimer that you will be charged if you break any of those.
Of course, that is only applicable to their tea sets; something I learnt once I stepped in there. I really loved this place...PickyEater is a fan of English and Victorian style designs :)
Okay, finally settled on the menu...look at the tablecloths...nice heh?
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And how can I resist taking some pics of myself?:P
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This was my drink; the Mixed Fruit Cocktail...can drink and eat the fruits at the same time....
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Only thing is, I never expected such a big jug for myself...but the cup was really nicely presented.
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Jug of the orange juice with a concoction of pineapple and apple :)

Apple slices....
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Baby fork for the apples and cherry:)
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This was the Ice Blended Green Tea...there was a hint of milk in it:p
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Looks creamy...didn't try it lar....too much for me in my jug dy:)
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This was the Baked Seafood Cheese.....
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Loads of Cheese with seafood (imitation crabsticks and minute shrimps...LOL)
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Heard it was not really that nice....
There's also macaroni in it....
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And even on the side salad:p
These were the garnishing....really fresh tomatoes...I Loved it so much!!! Helped myself to the fresh and sweet juicy tomatoes:)
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I ordered this Grilled Dory Fish Fillet....
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Not nice at all!!
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The creamy sauce made me feel so discouraged to taste the fish....
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Tip: Never try food in a tea-specialized restaurant...hehehe :p
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I am definitely enjoying this drink:)