Thursday, June 14, 2007

Deluxcious Spa & Cuisine

Had a little celebration yesterday....hehe, so we decided to pamper ourselves....had a long list of suggestions for the places to dine and finally, this was the choice...went to this place near Thirty Two Mansion; Deluxcious.
I googled up some info on this place yesterday; and it seems that it was a place for spa and relaxation besides serving you food.
Also, the food here is customized to provide for well-being and luxury after your soothing therapy. As such, their food is served with a distinct twist to the normal Western sets with the fusion or Oriental style which you cannot find elsewhere. In other words, unique Western food.
Hmmm...sounds interesting:)

We were led to the East wing where we were seated. There were some renovations going on in the front of the restaurant (mansion-like)
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Unique table settings; there were 4 and it was like diagonally will be tables with red napkins and the other diagonal will be white napkins.
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That was my table on the right; white napkins:(

Served us a glass of water while waiting for the order.
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We ordered from the menu; they are offering sets; so you need to only choose your main.
For the main you choose (there's different price ranges), your set will be according to the main ordered. For instance, if you ordered a main which costs RM30; the whole set will cost RM30.
The highest range is RM55; which includes lobster.

Bread and butter is served while waiting; as usual.
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The bread given is yellow; I was skeptic whether it was really plain bread...hehe, but a whiff of it proved it is indeed bread...haha:p
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My orange juice...very the sweet ah!!!!
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Carrot without milk...also SWEET!!! What kind of healthy food are they serving:p
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First, the smoked salmon and tutti frutti salad with wasabi dressing....
Really different and unique and I liked it.
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There were crumbs, orange, grape, tomato, onion, lettuce, cabbage....nice...with wasabi...spicy with a twist!!!
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The creamy weird weird soup...don't like it; think it's mushroom soup...:p
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Finally the mains....
This is mine....the Pan Roasted Canadian Cod Fish...I was deciding between this and the one with mackerel juice...
This is with Chicken spice sauce...not bad but VERY OILY!!!
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This is the Baby Grouper with clams with tomato sauce....RM45....also very oily...
It tasted more like snapper fish...
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My cup of tea? Not really a fan of tea...but since it's in the set..i took the you know, I am not a fan of coffee...caffeine is a drug ler:p
So, took the tea O....
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A cup of coffee....
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This is the dessert; this is supposed to be the lime sorbet...
The waitress came to ask us whether to Tiramisu...and I said no coz as I have said, no interest in stuck to Lime sorbet.
But when served, it was still upgraded to something else...this was the Pino Colada....
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Basically, it was just a 3-layered puree on the top (the yellow orange layer), coconut milk pudding in between (custard) and jelly.
So-so...dun really want it anymore.

Total bill came up to main was RM30; the other was RM45.
And the juices cost about RM15 darn expensive....
Not a great place lar despite the vast variety in fish and seafood dishes....
Worth a try but not really my cup of tea lar...

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