Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pickyeater is BACK !~

I can't believe that it has been more than a year since my last blog post; or since I started going into that new position I took on last year and that was when my time was fully occupied by nothing else but work, and rest and recuperating to spring back into action. It was like this vicious cycle every single day, week and month and the fact that I now have time to even write a post or proclaim that I am back in the game did not mean that I am free of my job. In fact, I have just taken on another new challenging task at work and going through another phase of challenge and even change at the moment. Adaptation and acceptance is something which is part of my life as I enter into this new and unknown arena at the moment.

Looking back, I think the year 2013 is by far my worst year in my blogging history as my blogs have been left neglected, orphaned and all forlorn on the web, gathering the technological mites and dust along the months they have been idle. Not entirely my fault, as it was not the job which led to the blogs being left behind but rather, the biggest hurdle I faced was the struggle with the technical errors and attacks which were made on my blogs when the number of visitors started growing. It is funny really, but I truly despise these malicious attacks on my blogs which did not host anything in particular or of any commercial value or interest to attract such attention. The first few months was disheartening; with me trying to fit into my new role at work, and also adapting to my married life and new home and then dealing with the fact that I, the owner of these blogs could not even log into my own blogs without facing the risk of infecting my computers at home. I don't know what happened really, but I was quite upset and depended on my other social networking sites to update my blogs along the way. I have even created another new website/blog portal to host all my blogs on one platform, and to make it ready, spending time on the layout to replicate my blogs and to slowly port over whatever I could or just draw on a fresh start. Yes, I mean business and nothing could take me away from my blogs or writing which is like the air I breathe in. I missed my blogs so much that I just could not bear to be away from it for so long.

Thank goodness for the existence of the other social media; such as Twitter, Facebook (where I have my page), Instagram, Pinterest, etc - which are the places which I kept my readers and followers updated on my activities. I know some may have been frustrated and even gave up on waiting for the day my blogs are revived but I am thankful also for those who have been patient and still waits until this day. I am happy to say that I have managed to resuscitate my blogs; and I pray that it is not a temporary solution but will be back for good for I really really want to stay and I have more than a year's supply of goodies to share on my blog; regardless whether I still have my readers around. Am looking forward...welcome back everyone and welcome to myself, Pickyeater =)