Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sushi King Promotion

I joined my jee muis for a sushi feast a few weeks ago; those times before my heavy workload and crazy deadlines creep in....(I missed those times:(
Anyway, Mei See jie alerted us on the Sushi King RM2 promotion for all sushi items which takes place annually and since she and QiuLi were both members, we decided to go together (although Chee Leng can't join) for an all girls (sisters') sushi dinner.
We went to the outlet in Queensbay Mall since it's the nearest for everyone and direct from our workplace.

Mei See and I were there first; and we were not allowed to enter as they want us to have our complete group of 4:(
Bummer, we called QiuLi and Lee Hua to come over asap....well, we finally got in after about 45 minutes wait for them to reach.
Look at the crowd; this was my first time joining this crazy promotion period...
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My jee mui were already waiting near the conveyor belt to grab their sushis....
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We wanted this table nearer to the conveyor belt; but they told us that's for 6 people...but the size of the table were all the same!!Bewildered:S
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Our green tea...
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A nice golden menu; but who needs a menu at this time when everyone is rushing for sushi right? Except for me of course:p
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But I noticed this thing about Japanese fast food chains; somehow their menus are always rather fancy compared to their restaurants; and it's always in this design, etc....I wonder whether this is their generic style of class

And lo behold; the sushi's my "sister pals" have managed to grab (mind you, I was really amazed at their aggressiveness!!:D)
The Prawn Sushi...or Ebi
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I have no idea what this sushi is called; it looks weird to me...the raw fish and its tail there lying on top....eeeeee....(no offense to sushi lovers) Guess sushis are just not for me:(
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Tuna Mayo Maki
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This is one that I like; Smoked salmon....I always loved salmon:)
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Shishamo Maki- grilled smelt
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Our spread....midway...haha, their intercession....amazing right, the amount of plates!!
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More sushi....
Chuka Wakame - Seasoned seaweed with deep fried chicken
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Chuka Karage - Seasoned jellyfish
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Chuka Chinmi - Seasoned scallops
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Unagi - Need I say more, the famous eels which is everyone's favourite (EXCEPT me:p)
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Ebi Ten - the tempura prawns
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California Maki - Crabstick, egg, cucumber, fish roe
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Ika - Fresh cuttlefish
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Again, I don't know what's this....but looks like Octopus:S
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Royal Carib - some superior crab stick I think
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Ebikko - fish roe...
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Lee Hua and I both do not take this; hehe...poor little fishy babies:(

While the rest were busy with sushi, i ordered my all-time favourite Salmon Teriyaki for myself (RM12.90) as I am not one with sushi:P
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This was only on the average; not as good as one I tried before elsewhere.

QiuLi ordered another round of Chawan Mushi...steamed egg...
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Amazing girl and she is really thin:)

We saved some of the sushis for Mei See's cousin who was working nearby and came to join us soon after
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The total bill was about Rm80+ friends I have...and I was content with my Salmon Teriyaki...
It was shared among all of us; meant to treat QiuLi for her belated birthay celebration:D

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Happy Mid Autumn!!

HAPPY Mid Autumn to everyone out there (a little late I know) but I have been really busy and AM still busy...barely sleeping; but I finally took some time out(stole a break! I missed blogging so much and today, I blogged away:p)

Back to Mid-Autumn festival or known as Mooncake or Tanglung festival to many, I am sure most of us were really nostalgic as we revive memories of lanterns lighting and bearing around the gardens during our childhood days.
Traditionally, all Chinese festivals were meant to bring the family together for a reunion (an important concept in the roots of Chinese customs) and Mid Autumn festival not excluded from this tradition as well.
Sadly, the busy working world today has slowly contributed to the diminishing of this practice and also, partly due to the weekday it falls on.
As for me, I was also working late!! SIGHS!! :(

Anyway, on a lighter note, I went shopping and found some interesting jelly mooncakes which I bought last year.
Mind you, I am NO fan of mooncakes; in fact I don't really like mooncakes...absurd huh?
Now, that's one of the picky things about me....but this round, I find these kinda unique and they were actually made of a type of Japanese jelly; Konyaku jelly.
I bought a box for my friends and I bought 2 for myself to try...

These are the 2 fruity flavoured jellies I bought; the white is the Lychee with Dragonfruit filling and the green is the honeydew jelly with blueberry filling!
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Isn't that too good to be true? All my favourite fruits:D
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Red dragonfruit filling!!!
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Blueberry filling!!!
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I kinda liked them; not too overly sweet but I still can't take much of this "pastey" filling:P (Never did like this sort of thing:)

I bought another 2 and shared them with my friends;
The brown one; Coffee jelly with red bean filling - too overwhelming with the combination of two such strong tastes!
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The green was the Green Tea jelly with Green Tea filling...this was rather nice; rather pleasant in taste:)

How about you? Had any fun with mooncakes and your celebration?
I am sure you all did!!
Happy Mid Autumn!~

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Old Wong Bean Sprouts Chicken

After their salted chicken endeavour, we proceeded for a meal at Old Wong Bean Sprouts Chicken and a bowl of hor fun/koay teow.
It was raining at that time and we waited at McD's around the corner and headed to the shop at about 5.30p.m; when they started their business:)
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There were a number of tanks out there which were probably holding the soup for their koay teow.
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I am sure business here is pretty good as I have already spotted a few tables of early customers upon our arrival.
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Upon settling down (pretty hard for a big rowdy group like us:), we ordered our drinks where we were attended by an elderly man who went off mumbling a whole list of drinks available.
However, one of our friend missed his list as he was busy talking to others at the other table and when he turned back, he ordered something out of the list and the old man immediately displayed a very sullen look and glared at him!! :-O
Anyway, I was fascinated by their barley here...
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It was served not only with barley but also with the dried bean sheets (foo chuk) and also bits of gingko nuts.

I ordered this; their Golden Lime Juice...(Kam Kat) which was quite nice:)
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I was hesitant to order barley although it has always been my favourite drink. Am glad I didn't, since I don't really like dried bean sheets with my barley:p

The famed Ipoh Bean Sprouts
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It was hard to take this pic with my friend toying around and trying to block my camera as she wanted to start eating...LOL:p
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Undeniably, the bean sprouts in Ipoh were fatter and more juicy.I liked the bean sprouts here ever since my dad brought us to Ipoh when I was young to that famous Chee Cheong Fun in Canning Garden:)

A plate of Old Wong's Chicken...(RM28)
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According to them, the chicken was really smooth and nice but I was shocked at the whole chicken served!! Anyway, as the rest was laughing, they mentioned that this was not really a big-sized chicken; more of a medium to small-sized chicken:p

And everyone ordered their signature koay teow; a famous delicacy in Ipoh as well which was reputed to be more smooth.
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Knowing I like fish, they ordered fishballs for me as well!:D
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There were 2 types of soup; one is porkballs and the other; fishballs. They ordered the fishy one of course!!:D
The fishballs were on the average; springy:p (what a word to describe!)

The spread on our table...
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The total bill for about 12-14 was RM104++ I think....I am not sure, coz I only paid my share.
On our way, I spotted another Bean Sprouts Chicken, named New Old Wong...haha:D
Guess fame does have relatives everywhere; when one gets famous, there will be others trailing on their tracks.
If you want to be sure, you will need the locals to tell you which is good and where to head for their famous eating places:)

Ipoh Salted Chicken

I went to Ipoh the other day to attend a friend's engagement (posted in my other blog)

Anyway, since we arrived at the second half of the day (approaching the time of the event), we didn't join the earlier gang on their makan trip.
However, my gal friends wanted to take away some salted chicken home and we stopped by at this famous shop selling the Salted Chicken; Aun Kheng Lim
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I didn't get any pics of the chicken itself; since it was all wrapped up.
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I don't know how it tastes like (not a chicken fan:p) but I reckon it's pretty good since they have so many boxes there and seems like my friends wanted it so much:D
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By the way, I heard that there's 2 shops - one's the famous and not so good; the other is good but not so famous.
Is that true? Need some Ipoh folks to verify:D

But what I know is, this is one of the must-bring-home for people who go to Ipoh..:D

An unpleasant experience

I had a rather unpleasant (maybe not that bad) experience at one of the restaurants in town the other day and I was rather bummed by that:( However, the good part was it was not that hard to resolve since the owner was quite quick to refund and apologized.

Okay, I was still wondering whether I should publish the name of the shop....hehe:p
Anyway, it was just a Chinese restaurant in town and these were just some pics of the interior
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Their menu,there was an interesting variety of choices of food
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We ordered their Stir Fry Vegetables with Prawns; I shall say shrimps:p (RM8)
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Not too bad; the vegetables were kinda juicy:)

Okay, the Sweet and Sour Fish...RM14 or RM16(which will be discussed later:p)
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Not bad; but there were not a large amount of fish...though the texture of the fish were smooth.

And lastly, we tried their homemade fishballs with seaweed soup..(RM6)
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This was not too bad; although the soup was a bit oily with the garlic oil...
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But the fishballs were kinda nice:)

Okay, the food was okay and the service was also okay (I think somehow the people in the area seems to be more hostile compared to other parts in the town)
We asked for the bill and paid.
I was slightly surprised with the total to pay though; RM33.50 as my calculation including taxes was supposed to be lesser than that.
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I took hold of the bill and noticed that the fish was charged at RM16.
I was surprised of course as my memory recalled that it was set at RM14 in the menu.
And mind you, it was a set/fixed price without any mention of market price or weight.
I wanted an explanation and we went back into the restaurant.

I asked the cashier who just stared at me blankly and then another senior waitress attended to me. She was pretty sullen and also unfriendly when I mentioned about the difference in the prices on the menu and our bill and just snapped,
"It was Garoupa fish we gave you and sometimes the weight of the fish fillets is more than that and that's why we charged extra"

I was not satisfied as this is no reason as these were fish fillets where the prices are always fixed and it is up to the restaurant to adjust the "weight" or amount to fit that price they fixed.
I explained that and she just gave me a look; then another waiter just brought the lady owner who attended to me.
I explained to her the situation again and she also explained that it was quite hard to get an exact weight and that sometimes the price will vary according to the amount they weigh.

We then told her that should be stated in the menu; or customers should be informed during the order and not to be surprised after that. After all, customers are not experts and only order according to the menu (unless you don't have a menu).
From Consumers' Association standpoint, we are right in every way as all we did was refer and order from the menu and we were obviously in the dark on their weight and fish knowledge.
She kept emphasizing they were not cheating and finally, the lady owner just refunded the money and apologized; saying that she will make amendments to the menu.
I was not fully satisfied as the attitude was not quite right.
It is not the matter of money; but just I felt it was so not right to say something in the menu and act otherwise, get what I mean?

Anyway, I do not want to elaborate much as I do know someone who is linked to this restaurant which have other branches on the island but with different names.
But sadly, I am not sure whether I will patronize again...:(

Moral of the story; do check when you make any order....:((