Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sawara -100% Mackerel

Came to this place in Pulau Tikus; opposite the Belisa Row - we have been here previously and find the food was not too bad with the clear soup, etc.
However, I was not too pleased with their attitude; particularly this lady who actually snickered that we always order the same type of food....hello???
I am the customer, do I order food to please you?
Are you having my taste buds?
On top of that, assuming you are such a buffet house that has the King's wide selection of variety! Pah!
Anyway, after some time and we couldn't decide what to eat, we went there - hot weather, decide to go for something soupy :)
They seem to have changed for the better though...good thing....
The place is not bad; but a little hidden in the corner; since it is after all a corner lot restaurant :D
Air-conditioned; conducive for a peaceful and quiet dining environment :)
The menu
Cutleries used.....spick span and clean:)
Nice cups:D
My herbal tea - chrysanthemum (home-cooked by the restaurant; boiling hot and so refreshing:)
Our food; Yong Tau Fu with all the fish stuffs - fish paste, with asparagus, Napa cabbage, mushrooms, golden mushrooms, lady fingers, smooth white bean curd........

Farewell Lunch

Sob sob...after this lunch, I am heading back to Penang in my friend's car:(
Sad sad...wish I could stay longer....

Okay, let's make this lighter
Stir fried choy tam again...

this is slightly more oily compared to the other one we had a few post, not so good for my poor tummy:(
The seafood tofu; it's plain homemade beancurd with crabmeat as the gravy.

So-so, but I so love the vegetables that came along with it; so crunchy and nice :D
This is the Smiling Pork Back/Spine bone or something.

Can you see the curvature of the bone?
Mum requested for the lean part but seems that they were served the rather fatty side of it...
I didn't taste this; but seems to be my family's favourite; so probably good...haha!


Some food porn here; barley...homecooked by beloved Mummy!!~
She's the best, she knows how to cook to my favourite taste; barley not too soft or too hard and the drink is just not too sweet...yumzzz...I live for barley drink!:D

Yong Tow Foo at Jinjang

Our usual shack of Yong Tow Foo at the old Jinjang Hawker Food centre near the junction with traffic lights and temples.
Nothing special...ordered our usual:
Steamed vege...lady fingers and white beancurd :)
With soup:)
Steamed dumplings (sui kow) in soup....
Sui Kow has the water term as prefix; why would one think it's gonna be fried?
Okay, now the fried items;
Fried Dumplings/sui kow (see what i mean?) and also fried beancurd sheet rolls (Foo chok)
All pure fish paste stuffing; no meat fillings; that's why I like about this's so Yong Tow Foo....:D

Leng Chee Kang anyone?

Hehehe....this is my favourite Leng Chee Kang from the old granny down Kepong's Glutton square; a pretty small stall but it's pretty nice:)
Daddy got this for me hehehe...and shared with them of course; bro ate the quail eggs:)
Yeayyyy....good to be home in KL; still tastes good; Ah Por (granny) 's Leng Chee kang is the best!~
Leng Chee Kang is translated as Lotus Seed soup:D

Happy Humanity Day!! Happy Birthday everyone!~:)

Okay, after a glorious and triumphant round of lou sang and the wind is still blowing strong and the rain is still pouring hard, now comes our main course...hehe, our dinner :)
That was just an appetizing starter and something to commemorate the day:)
This finally feels like a true family reunion dinner :)
Vege.....stir fried Choy Tam (Brussels)

Not bad; quite crunchy:)
Our favourite; the Kung Pow style of Mantis prawns....

Crunchy; okay....i prefer the in-between type of texture:)

And how can we not have fish? fanatic huh:p
This is our fish with the Cheong Jing sauce (fermented beancurd sauce)

Not bad; better than the others I have tried; different, this one beat Chin Kee flat now:P

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Step by step guide to Lou Sang!:D

YEAYYYYY.......Hip Hip Hooray!!! I am back in KL!!!!~
And it's the 7th day of CNY; the day of's everyone's birthday....Yan Yat!!~
It is also the day for Yee Sang and we don't usually practise this in our family every year; but this year, we decided to go for it :D
Didn't go to a really fancy restaurant; just went to this particular food shack near the Kepong Glutton Square; yeah, this is a new "Tai Chow" place and it's sort of a stall...nothing magnificient. Mum and Dad tried this when bro and I were away at campus and work, and they mentioned the food was pretty good and also, they were offering a special price for the Yee Sang aka Lou Sang (action of tossing the Yee Sang).
We went out early but whoa, there were those dark clouds looming there and there were already lots of people out there and we had to constantly push our table and then down poured the rain.....of course not on us:p
Okay, enough of my constant crapping and down to the food details.
Now for the step by step guide on eating Yee Sang and performing Lou Sang:p
Step 1: Yee Sang served.
Haha...slices of the raw fish...
Kinda thin but it's on promotion, so guess they also cut down on the size...:p
Step 2: Some crispy crackers as condiments to the yee sang dish
Step 3: The other raw ingredients; supposed to be 7 types.... think there's carrot strips, preserved ginger, fake jellyfish, don't know what else.... colourful:)
Another view.....
Step 4: Most important of all, the sauce!
This is the soury plum sauce.....sweet and sour....
Supposed to be the determining factor on how the taste of those raw ingredients would turn out to be....:)
Step 5: Now mix them together!!!~
Lou ah, lou ah....lou tou fung san sui hei (Toss, toss, toss until you reach the heights (direct translation; even wind, mountains and water will rise:p )
Step 6: Empty plate:p

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Ipoh Mali

We decided to stop by in Ipoh town; Dad's hometown for an early lunch.
And we went to this coffee shop (still here after all those years!) which we used to go when we were young.
We used to stop by in Ipoh for meals during our childhood travelling days due to the long journey to Penang; it was all those trunk roads and no proper North South Highway wannabe was in sight at that time yet.
So, went to this place in Kinta; used to have that Kinta shopping centre opposite it but didn't see it around this time...whatever.
Bro ordered the pop and "in" drink here...haha; Ice-cream soda; haha....
Bugger; this is just some normal Pop Cream Soda as they call it lar and they charge this drink for a freaking RM2.60 I think....a can of 7-up and a single scoop of ice-cream; and bam, there goes the 2 bucks plus:p
It's not such a unique specialty in Ipoh alone anymore anyway.....
We ordered their herbal drinks
and barley for weather but I like my barley to be served hot; unless it's lime barley then I like that cold.
Dad ordered the famous Kai See Hor Fun (basically flat rice noodles with chicken slices; its hor fun however, was the highlight as Ipoh amazingly has this smooth texture for their hor fun, beancurd, bean sprouts...etc)
This one; according to them was so-so lar....
And this is the poh piah....
Dry version not with soup as the Penangite's version.
And there's actually roasted pork!!!! Arrrrgggghhhh...what kind of poh piah which adds meat??
Isn't it supposed to be some salad roll? Vege?
Yikes....Mum totally agreed...haha, just because if was non-Penang food and because I mentioned I preferred Penang food:p
So, thumbs-down!

Breakfast with family:D

Before our journey back to Home Sweet Home aka KL, we stopped for breakfast nearby to where I am staying; this food court in Sg Ara; famous for its dim sum; though I read some bad reviews by another blogger:P
Since it was near, it was the only logical place to stop by and I have nothing against this place.
These were the dim sum we had; there was a mixture of steamed and also fried bits:
Yong Tau Foo stuffs
Lady Fingers
Green Chillis
Shrimp dumplings
Fish with shrimp dumplings
Fried stuffs
Fried shrimp roll with beancurd sheets (this was one of Daddy's fave; he seems to order this for dim sum :)
With the dressing (of course!)
Wor Peng (the crispy layered biscuit with lotus paste)
Usually goes with the thick peanut paste dessert or red bean soup dessert (Mum prefers the former of course:)
It's been pretty hard to get this but Mum finds this on the average only:p
Tau Sar Pau (Chinese steamed buns with red bean paste filling)
Mum liked the smooth and properly grinded and blended texture of the bean paste; so not bad:)
And they decided to try the Koay Teow Th'ng (the flat rice noodles with soup)
A normal local delicacy in Penang; though plain is just with soup and some slices of chicken and also fishballs sometimes.
It was a little tasteless and not up to that Koay Teow Th'ng standard.
But Mum and I think it was pretty healthy; not too oily or MSG-laden.
Pretty big breakfast and we were set to go!

Freaking New Lane!

Family was about to head down back to KL on Friday; the 6th day of CNY when I asked them to stay for one more day - just to let me wait for my vendors' responses and I want to tag along back to the city :D
We went for dinner that night and decided to go and try out some hawker food; Mum and Dad missed those local delicacies in Penang:)
Went to New Lane; also along Macalister Road; a turning to your right if you come from Burmah Road - kinda hard to miss since you will see a stretch of hawker food stalls there :)
This is a famous tourist food endeavour as well and man, the prices here are freaking expensive for Penang standard; them being frugal and all:p
Mummy recommended this dessert stall which was there for a long time dy.
She ordered the red bean soup dessert - Rm1.50

Gingko nut and white fungus - also Rm1.50

Now, that's a little pricey since it is not a huge bowl and in Penang; this is expensive. I remembered my uncle who runs a stall himself; mentioned that when they raise the price by 10 cents, those Penangites would give him a good lecture and whine about the rise:p
Nothing special....

Popiah.....RM1.20 per piece

Hokkien Char - about Rm3.50 or RM4 I believe

And this has got to win the most freaking plate for the night....
RM9 for Fried Oyster (Or Chien)!!!!

And guess what; it's such a small plate!!! Must be GOLDEN oysters! (*sniggers*)
More of fried flour as we could barely see any oysters in sight...perhaps we need magnifier!
Goshhhhh....this is freaking pricey and also, really bold of them to jack up all their prices...just because it's CNY!
I don't think it's worth it at all (it's not that bad when the food's good)...but this, UGH!
Thumbs down and I won't go there anymore!
Watch out fellows ; try some other more decent hawker food places if you want better food and value for your money and pocket!

Little Cottage 2

I came to this place during Valentine's Day; the branch of the popular Little Cottage along Burmah Road. This is the one near the Botanical Gardens.
Went for a movie with bro and FoodBuddy and we opted for this place.
Bro ordered the salmon set with creamy sauce; and he gets the soup and buns for starters.
This is his soup....creamy mushroom soup.
It was on the average as bro mentioned it was slightly diluted.
And this was his basket of buns :)
He liked it and enjoyed his buns; taking my portion as well:p
Our drinks:
FoodBuddy ordered the Mixed Fruit Punch or something of that nature and it was nice!!
I liked it:) It had a very distinct aroma of strawberries....ooooohhhh!!!
I live for strawberries :D
This is my carrot juice.
Such a small unfair; comparing to the Fruit Punch:(
And this was too bright...hehe; bro's Salmon steak:)
So-so only; overcooked Salmon:p
FoodBuddy's fish fillet; can't remember the fish he ordered:p
My favourite; the Oriental Fish fillet served in sizzling plate or teppanyaki style...
However, this outlet was not as good as the original one in Burmah Road.
I would still prefer that outlet anytime:p
Bro was the only one with dessert; mango pudding; very very minute cup of pudding - not that we had anymore room for this:p
And bummer; there was even a strand of hair on it and we requested for a change.
Haha...for bro, this was already not a good first impression:p
If you really wanna try, I'd recommend the Burmah Road Little Cottage; it is getting famous now....very decent servings for a very reasonable price and with such atmospheric ambience - just right for a dinner for two:)