Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Freaking New Lane!

Family was about to head down back to KL on Friday; the 6th day of CNY when I asked them to stay for one more day - just to let me wait for my vendors' responses and I want to tag along back to the city :D
We went for dinner that night and decided to go and try out some hawker food; Mum and Dad missed those local delicacies in Penang:)
Went to New Lane; also along Macalister Road; a turning to your right if you come from Burmah Road - kinda hard to miss since you will see a stretch of hawker food stalls there :)
This is a famous tourist food endeavour as well and man, the prices here are freaking expensive for Penang standard; them being frugal and all:p
Mummy recommended this dessert stall which was there for a long time dy.
She ordered the red bean soup dessert - Rm1.50

Gingko nut and white fungus - also Rm1.50

Now, that's a little pricey since it is not a huge bowl and in Penang; this is expensive. I remembered my uncle who runs a stall himself; mentioned that when they raise the price by 10 cents, those Penangites would give him a good lecture and whine about the rise:p
Nothing special....

Popiah.....RM1.20 per piece

Hokkien Char - about Rm3.50 or RM4 I believe

And this has got to win the most freaking plate for the night....
RM9 for Fried Oyster (Or Chien)!!!!

And guess what; it's such a small plate!!! Must be GOLDEN oysters! (*sniggers*)
More of fried flour as we could barely see any oysters in sight...perhaps we need magnifier!
Goshhhhh....this is freaking pricey and also, really bold of them to jack up all their prices...just because it's CNY!
I don't think it's worth it at all (it's not that bad when the food's good)...but this, UGH!
Thumbs down and I won't go there anymore!
Watch out fellows ; try some other more decent hawker food places if you want better food and value for your money and pocket!

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