Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Breakfast with family:D

Before our journey back to Home Sweet Home aka KL, we stopped for breakfast nearby to where I am staying; this food court in Sg Ara; famous for its dim sum; though I read some bad reviews by another blogger:P
Since it was near, it was the only logical place to stop by and I have nothing against this place.
These were the dim sum we had; there was a mixture of steamed and also fried bits:
Yong Tau Foo stuffs
Lady Fingers
Green Chillis
Shrimp dumplings
Fish with shrimp dumplings
Fried stuffs
Fried shrimp roll with beancurd sheets (this was one of Daddy's fave; he seems to order this for dim sum :)
With the dressing (of course!)
Wor Peng (the crispy layered biscuit with lotus paste)
Usually goes with the thick peanut paste dessert or red bean soup dessert (Mum prefers the former of course:)
It's been pretty hard to get this but Mum finds this on the average only:p
Tau Sar Pau (Chinese steamed buns with red bean paste filling)
Mum liked the smooth and properly grinded and blended texture of the bean paste; so not bad:)
And they decided to try the Koay Teow Th'ng (the flat rice noodles with soup)
A normal local delicacy in Penang; though plain is just with soup and some slices of chicken and also fishballs sometimes.
It was a little tasteless and not up to that Koay Teow Th'ng standard.
But Mum and I think it was pretty healthy; not too oily or MSG-laden.
Pretty big breakfast and we were set to go!

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