Thursday, August 28, 2014

Dining with an Oriental Touch at Grand Harbour

(I apologize for the lack of updates in the month of August, things have just been crazy!)
Anyway, I am finally back with my posts....

Grand Harbour is a Chinese restaurant which I have tried a year ago, for the first time in their outlet in the heart of KL city. I was delighted to hear they have expanded to more outlets with one of them being in the ever busy and happening Mid Valley Megamall.


The restaurant's interior design revolves around the clean Oriental concept, focusing on brightly lit rooms and an open view of the cooking area, as diners could enjoy watching the chefs in action, preparing the food.


Typical of Chinese restaurants, round tables and bustling crowds along with their waiters amidst the cooking aroma are also synonymous with this one; a place famous for their wide Chinese varieties, ranging from dim sum, noodles, rice, home-styled dishes and even desserts and pastries.


The concept of the restaurant is centered on the Hongkie-style of offering; and it is interesting to note the eclectic mix on their menu. It is not odd to find simple fare typically found in an ordinary Hongkie coffee shop or stall; such as Milk Tea, polo (pineapple) buns, steamed buns, to the average and fancy dishes to entice the taste buds of their eager diners.

Iced Hong Kong Milk-Tea (MYR4.90) is ordinary with the light taste of the familiar combination for the Char Chan Teng (Hong Kong style of cafes - as commonly referred to among the local Hongkies) regular goers.

Crispy Shrimp Rice Roll (MYR9.30) is one of my personal favorites; with the unique rice roll (just like chee cheong fun with a slightly thicker texture) wrapping a mix of fresh shrimps and vegetables, layered with a thin crisp in between, this is a real winner and one of the unique, not to mention tantalizing treat I have tasted.

Lightly drizzled with soy sauce to add to the rounded taste of the dish, this is appetizing and delightful to start or to enjoy as a side.


Stir Fried Noodles with Fresh Water Prawns/Sang Har Meen (MYR28.80) is another enticing dish to enjoy and the portion is enough to serve two. While moderately sized, the quality of the dish is not compromised; in fact, it was even better with the retention of the freshness of the prawns which are succulent additions to the juicy vegetables, making them a perfect complement to the enjoyable crispy and intermittent soft texture of the fried noodles.
The gravy was kept to a light starchy texture, and just the way I like it (it would be a spoiler if it were to be thickened with the starch)



End the meal with a simple treat from their selection of many sweet temptations; which could lead one to an indecisive time, but I was all set to pick my very own choice.

Sweet Osmanthus Cake (MYR5.80) was true to its name; sweet tasting solidified jelly with the osmanthus flower bits in between bites, though the sweetness of the cake was definitely slightly heightened than usual, or at least to my personal liking.


Still, I have always had this fondness for osmanthus flowers; be it tea or this unique dessert, which can be quite a rare find, I would definitely set my eyes on it upon spotting it in any menu selection (since it is rather rare!). However, if the sweetness was slightly tuned to a more acceptable level, it would definitely be perfect for me :-)



These are just the few dishes I have tried on my visit, and I am looking forward to more on my next.
It would be best to make reservations on weekends or public holidays as the place tends to fill up with the bustling crowds, and the waiters could also speed up a little in terms to attending to their guests as well.

It's great to have another restaurant to add to the list to satisfy my occasional Hongkie food cravings, and with varieties like these, I am all in!