Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Taste of Wood Grill at Blackwood Cafe & Restaurant


Blackwood Cafe and Restaurant is probably one of the new cafes in the town of Kulim; or perhaps on the other side of the town and it is also not that new anymore.
I have heard about this cafe restaurant from some of my friends who are working in the industrial zone and of course, even the hubs had had lunch at this place which he found would suit my tastes and that I might be just interested to try.
(It is just as well since we are running out of places to eat at, and wonder where to eat almost all the time. Am I the only one or does everyone faces that same predicament?)

Located on the row of shoplots along with the local CMart supermarket which faces the Giant hypermarket on the opposite side of the road, Blackwood is a new addition welcomed by the quiet town of Kulim (may not be that quiet anymore); especially the industrial zone workers who crave for a taste of variety and urban concept while enjoying the serenity of the green canvas of this town up north.
Kulim is a pretty much laid-back town compared to most of the major cities and the population was of course, smaller compared to all those dense cities in the country but it has this close to home environment and offers that tranquility away from the hustle and bustle of the cities.
The town grew in its popularity since the establishment of the industrial zone which witnessed a mass of people from the island of Penang, and parts of the Northern states and even other states traversing to the town and even around the town as they settle in their workplaces (mainly factories). Some have even settled down, calling Kulim their new homes as they migrated to the town residences out of convenience and nearer to the workplace.
Duty calls.

The growth in Kulim may not be on par with the capital city, of course, it is not even just in comparison due to the population but it has certainly enjoyed its balance between industrialization and its original placid identity.
A town which used to thrive on mostly homegrown brands and locally run businesses now is joined by some of the commercial names and nationwide chain brands making their way into Kulim's backyard.
It used to be the town without a McDonald's and today, even McCafe is available for 24 hours in the town, and one can also spot Old Town White Coffee, Secret Recipe, and the likes enlisted as the local residents of the town.

While chain restaurants and international brands (like McDonald's) have become part of Kulim's offerings, Blackwood Cafe and Restaurant is still very much a local business which boldly introduces the concept of urban style dining to the local community here.



 The cafe was dimly lit and decorations were kept to the minimum; as in most of the contemporary cafes these days.
Blackwood also offers their own selection of cakes available at the main counter.


Comfortable couches were also available for relaxation over a cup of coffee and cake, just like in your usual cafe style.

I was here for their main courses, rather than the desserts; which perhaps I could save for another time.

Their menu was done in a pretty simple manner; in that typical two sheets ala daily newspaper style.


I prefer menus like these, for it is much easier on the hands and to flip rather than heavy and Huge cardboard menus which could be hard for me to grasp sometimes.
(That's just me, of course)
Heavy menus somehow just scream class and sophistication while paper menus can sometimes be flimsy and reflect on the economical style.
It is all about perception and impression.
That is what business is all about.

They do offer the lunch sets, even on weekends too.
The lunch set bundles the usual main course, along with a soup of the day and a drink.
No dessert though.

Golden Red Dory Fish Grill Lunch Set (MYR22.00)
(Ordered ala carte, the dory grill costs MYR18.00)

It was quite a generously sized portion; with two thick slabs of dory fish fillets grilled to golden brown, and with that extra spank of crispy on the exterior served atop plump-sized fries and a side of fresh greens consisting of lettuce leaves, cherry tomatoes and broccolis with thousand island dressing.
The wood grilled golden brown dory fish fillets were then drizzled with a winning sauce which was just appetizing with its mild trio tastes of sweet, salty and lightly spicy before sprinkling fried ginger slices on top of the fillets. The sauce concoction gave that meaning to the red definition of the name, but it was quite addictive though it is advisable to take in moderation due to the sodium in it.


Though this was more of a Western style kind of dish, the sauce and serving of the ginger slices just seemed more of an Asian inspiration which just injects that unique fusion combination into this dish.
I was anticipating the usual lightweight slices of the dory fish fillets, but Blackwood serves the dory in the thick versions (note the word slabs; are more like it).
The stocky fillets were also pulpy, and satisfying to every bite and you just must take it along with that sauce which just gives the triumphant edge to this dish.
It invoked that long buried love I had for dory; and while most dory fish fillets served in most places seem deprived of nutrition in general, Blackwood made up and clarified that dory are not all malnourished and even took that extra step in ensuring that their diners enjoy the most of the succulent fillets by serving two; instead of one.
You will not feel inadequate with the pleasing tastes of the juicy fillets and most probably you will leave with that longing for dory fish fillets lingering in your mind.
This dish surprised and impressed me at the same time; especially when this is a lunch set portion.
Now, that's again part of the perception which we have been conditioned with due to the bundled and more cost-friendly prices which would be justified by the portions served, ain't that true?

The set comes with the soup of the day; Creamy Mushroom Soup (ala carte price: MYR7.00)


Again, the concept of the set is not compromised in the portion and the quality of the soup served.
True to its name, the soup was densely packed with the creamy goodness and bites of mushrooms can be found in it too.


Lemon coke (ala carte: MYR6.90) was also served with the set and is one of the more popular drinks in the cafe.


The whole set was probably worth more than its set price, if you were to add the ala carte prices up (though it could be a strategic illusion; it is after all business), but the portions do make up for all its worth?

Baked Honey Mustard Salmon (MYR26.00) is not offered on the set lunch menu, and this is ordered ala carte.


Anything with salmon would have caught my attention; and while I was contemplating between ordering the King Salmon versus this normal salmon, the Honey Mustard thrown in just made the decision for me.
It sounds like an interesting combination though the fascination lies further than the name as this was served in a breakfast style; you know, the typical big American breakfast kind of presentation.
Lightly roasted chunks of potatoes and stir fry thinly sliced mushrooms lined that base of the plate; with that additional companion in the form of the greens of lettuce.


The salmon; just like the dory, were also served in pairs (I guess Blackwood just wants to feed us really well and walk away satisfied). The fillets were seated upon the combination which make up the breakfast team and dribbled with the alluring honey mustard dressing.
The light dressing was compensated with that extra serving of the sauce on the side, for cases of immediate addiction (you just might, trust me!)


I am generally a big fan of salmon, but the salmon was slightly more than a little well done; giving it that dry and flaky taste though the outer crispy layer did do its part in seducing the taste buds in that brief tango moment but I felt it could be slightly better. There were some parts of the salmon which seemed to have hit the nail on the head, but the key is consistency when it comes to the taste.
It was not too bad, and I am not an expert to comment much on the way they chef bakes it anyway, though I just have my own preference when it comes to salmon which is, by the way, one of my favorite fish.
(I think that needs no introduction or further justification, just take a look at my salmon-infestation around the blog and you will get the idea).

I was not really disappointed with my overall experience; though I was quite surprised that the dory won my heart over salmon this round.
Blackwood is known to use that wood grill to grill and prepare most of the food which gives it that extra edge, and of course that identity to the conception of its branding.

Prices are certainly a little steep for the neighborhood in general; and while it compensates and justifies in its offerings and portions, it will take some time for the local to get used to such pricing.
Furthermore the population would take some time to grow in numbers; though Blackwood would see the welcoming trend of adventurous patrons comprising of the modern generation and also the industrial population flocking to its turf on a daily working day basis to sustain their efforts.

It is a good start though; and being one who used to work in this same town for a while, I am happy to see this new addition and Blackwood has certainly started on the right foot with its overall contemporary concept and the quality of their offerings.
Besides, no one would turn away a specialized cafe and that wholesome tastes from wood grill and passionate culinary skills, right?


No. 342C, Tingkat Bawah, Jalan Seraya Indah 1& 2, Taman Seraya Indah 1 and 2, Kulim 09000 

(Also known as Blackwood Coffee & Chocolate)

All the experiences are based on my personal tastes and are in no way representing the general.
This is not a sponsored post by the restaurant, and is purely based on my personal opinions.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Reliving the Japanese favorites at Miraku

Miraku is a proud home brand to G Hotel; an impressive and wholly owned local hotel located strategically on the most coveted and desirable location on Penang Island.

The seafront location offers the familiar sea view and timeless scenes of local taking walks down the famous promenade of Gurney; otherwise affectionately known as Gurney Drive to the locals, makes this one of the fastest growing hotels despite it being one of the late baby boomers in the industry, and they have also recently launched a new addition to their family; G Hotel Kelawai.
(I was at their topping ceremony last year)

The strategic location is undoubtedly one of the reasons for the successes, but the hospitality and bold  contemporary design along with their remarkable marketing and service cemented the branding further in the hearts of their guests. Their success and the growth in the popularity of the hotel are testaments to that. It can be challenging booking a room at the hotel at the very last minute, and early bookings are always recommended to avoid disappointments.
They are definitely one of the most preferred hotels among both local and international tourists to the state, and that includes corporate guests as well.

Food is another augmenting factor proudly and shamelessly boasted by the hotel, and every reason to do so. The wide variety and diversified choices await the guests and diners at their homegrown restaurants. From the usual buffet fare and international choices of an open cafe to specialty cuisine restaurants and relaxing lounges, G Hotel has nailed it to keep their guests at bay despite the many alluring temptations from its neighboring malls; not one, but two prominent multi-storey malls.
It may seem challenging to sustain their food and beverage business while being flanked by the highly popular malls housing multiple restaurants and cafes, offering more diversity in dining options but G Hotel has stepped up to the challenge and even snagged some of the mall shoppers towards their home restaurants which have proven their quality over time.


Miraku is just one of G Hotel's brand which did just that.
Its Japanese offerings entice the usual Japanese food lovers towards its welcoming lair and its name (and fame) has definitely spread more than just being a hotel resident restaurant.
I was here when they newly opened, many years ago, and it was only recently that I have returned to relive the Japanese tastes which have remained intact in my mind for so long.
I am a fan of Japanese food, and I am often on the hunt for the good ones; though I remain loyal to some of the ones I have marked as my favorites (I am always the comfort eater, and I tend to stick to some places for some time).

It is still as I remember it; the exterior and the minimalistic interior which just boosts of warmth and simplicity. That is the concept embraced by G Hotel which I like about; simple and contemporary design just makes everything clean and neat, which just speaks of comfort.


Fuss-free designs like these make it easier for diners to adapt to and settle in immediately, warming up to the ambiance to prepare themselves to enjoy the food.
It is also that same concept emulated from the Japanese dining style, found in most Japanese restaurants and even in the Land of the Rising Sun itself.



Green tea, or Ocha is synonymous with my kind of Japanese meal.
It just seems incomplete without it, in my own humble opinion.
(Of course, I do try some of the other beverages, once in a while, but going Japanese without Ocha is like going for afternoon tea, without the tea. It is just weird, at least it is, for me).


Miraku's Appetizer of the Day to start the meal with; a homemade dish of lentils, beans, mushrooms and radish served ala pickles style.


Sashimi, or fresh raw fish and seafood, is always an essential part of a Japanese meal; or at least, it is to me.
While there are those who do not fancy raw and uncooked food, sashimi speaks languages in which the fans could understand and truly judge of the standards of a restaurant claiming that Japanese cuisine label.

Sashimi of the Day (MYR26.00) is a simple option to start, especially for those with a petite appetite.
Consisting of the usual Sake (salmon) and Maguro (Tuna) sashimi, these are the simple favorites and even the mandatory (for my case) for my usual fill of the raw fish.


This is an economical option for the sashimi lovers, and since my other half was not too keen on gorging on raw fish, I find this rather satisfying for the first try.
(I will leave the other variety of sashimi to my next visit).


The thick slices made up its worth, but the winning factor lies in the freshness of the fish.
I have tasted the real deal from Japan itself, and I have a favored Japanese restaurant which serves the best sashimi (in my opinion) that it is hard to refrain from judging the quality of the sashimi served in most Japanese restaurants (excluding the chain restaurants of course).
Freshness is indeed important; even crucial to make me forget about the name of the restaurant I patronized if I was disappointed, and I am glad Miraku made me relive my earlier memories and my love for their fresh maguro slices back then.
The wasabi is equally important to complete my sashimi platter. This greenish paste made up of grated Japanese horse radish is frankly, one of the main components to complement the raw fish and most of the stuffs we get in the usual Japanese chain restaurants are paste-like in its texture.
However, the real thing is again, fresh and tastes like it.
It is not dried up paste sitting in the metal container for the entire day, but packed with luscious moisture (not in a gory way) and breathes of fresh horse radish taste, giving you that kick in its spice factor as well.
Anyone with a blocked nose will definitely benefit from the spunky wasabi, and the fresh one will immediately help you with that sharp shocking sensation sent all the way to the roots of your hair.

Curry Udon Set is a satisfying and price-friendly option for those who want to enjoy a little bit of everything along with the main course.


Comprising of the Curry Udon; served in a small black pot filled with thick udon noodles immersed in the rich curry-powder concoction of a gravy along with vegetables and prawn tempura, chawanmushi (steamed egg with mushrooms), Inarizushi, salad, and seasonal slices of fruit.






We strayed from our usual order of Sake (Salmon) Teriyaki and opted for the Spanish Mackerel marinated in miso sauce instead (MYR25.00)


The thick succulent flesh of the Spanish mackerel screamed of sultry goodness and every bite evenly oozed of the smooth and lush texture of the fish, generously and consistently infused in the flavorful miso sauce. The savory tastes of miso is truly detectable in the hint of saltish edge rubbed over the fish while maintaining that handshake with the dense quality of this species of mackerel.
It was a taste which will stay in the memory for a while.


I still have my favorite Japanese restaurants close to my heart, but Miraku is definitely sticking to the list and reliving memories of why I liked it from my first visit years ago.

I could never say no to a good Japanese meal, and I am glad that I have now officially reinstated Miraku in that list of my favorite places to dine in.

If in doubt, check out the number of Japanese expats and tourists making up the patrons in the restaurant.
Miraku could certainly be in the race for a very long time.

Miraku Japanese Restaurant is located on the 1st Floor of G Hotel, Gurney Drive.
The staffs are warm and friendly, and service was prompt as well.

All the experiences are based on my personal tastes and are in no way representing the general.
This is not a sponsored post by the restaurant, and is purely based on my personal opinions.

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

These Muffins are meant to be Eaten, or for Easter

It is just one thing to buy muffins from the store, and another to have them as surprise treats presented to you (and the family).
I am a fan of muffins, well, kind of anyway, as like most of the things that I like, I am quite particular with the types of muffins and how I really want them to be like.
I don't appreciate sweet stuffs; I really do not, and I could even feel nauseous if it is just too sweet for me.
I don't like it to be too mushy either; you know the kind where it is an in-between of stale hard and squished soft with that extra moisture, especially moisture, I could throw the whole thing away if there is that moist because it just makes me feel sick to the stomach.
Yes, I can't stand it when my pastries are just too moist; especially when it comes to muffins, but that's me.

It is again, really hard for me to find a place which sells or even bakes really good muffins, but there is this girl who is just so passionate and spends her time learning and perfecting her baking that she saved me that effort from the search.
She is really busy with work too, and that itself brought more meaning to the lot she specially prepared and baked for occasions and even occasionally, just to share her passion with everyone.
I love that the muffins were baked with careful thought put into it, and that itself scored higher than most off-the-shelf muffins I bought from bakeries and confectioneries.

This year's Easter was made special with this special batch of muffins; and I loved the flavors and theme altogether.
She just knows how to tug at my heartstrings and my picky tastes.

Now, how could anyone not fall in love with such a warm combination of colors; vibrant and just screaming of exuberance while appearing temptingly soft in that just-out-of-heaven kind of appearance?


Starting off with this Carrot with Walnut Muffin, which is just so adorably sized (and shaped)!

Bright orange with that smooth reflective top is just striking indication of the softness of the muffin sparingly filled with little walnuts in it.
The dome-shape is just a unique presentation of this simple appearance of the muffin.
Never judge the muffin by its dome shape, for the tiny threads of carrot strips line the insides of the muffin with the little beads of walnuts embedded in them.


There is just no photo to show the inside of the muffin (I should have snapped one before it was devoured), but it was perfectly justifiable for the petite size just makes for a few bites before it just disappears down the trachea.

The Carrot muffin was a warm starter, but my heart was truly captured by this Green Tea Muffin with Red Beans!
I am just so obsessed with anything in this combo; it is just perfect to melt my heart - of course, if it was done right.


Everything in this muffin was handmade, and done from scratch; including that gorgeous top overlay of red bean paste.
If there is anything I could accept mashed, it's definitely this red bean paste.
It is so hard for me to find this muffin baked with the exact combination and the ones I have found were somewhat lacking in that satisfaction factor for my personal tastes.
This aspiring baker definitely found that tweak in her recipe to make it tailored to satisfy that picky taste buds in me; with that moderate texture of the green tea muffin complemented by the sweet and thrilling taste of the red bean paste.
It was not too sweet, and there were no additional sugar or sweetener added into it.
I would love a little more green tea packed into it and just a little softness or slight percentage of moisture perhaps?
But that's just me.


It was just so good, that I even tried to save one for the next day, and I was just so disappointed when I got home and the only one left was the carrot muffin.


I am sorry, you do look a little sad but I just cannot help it.
Alone you may be the star, but next to the other, you are in second place.

No offense, for I don't hate the carrot muffin; I just wanted and craved for that green tea with red bean version.

Yes, it is definitely good enough to "Share and Enjoy"


I think I need to request for another batch of muffins, personally for me and keep them away from the rest of the family?

Just kidding....or Not...


Note: I don't bake these, they are baked by a talented baker who is someone very dear to my family.
If she is accepting orders, I will let you guys know.

This is not exactly a review, but more of a sentimental post dedicated to my new muffin love.
Even muffins got to have some love, and of course, thank you dearest baker; that beautiful girl who always bakes for our family for this wonderful treat, for Easter.

It is definitely meant for Easter, and to be eaten....

Monday, April 13, 2015

This is D' Cuisine for Me

It is getting hard to find a good place to dine these days; or it is rather hard for a picky eater like me.
It sounds crazy I know, with the number of new eateries mushrooming all over, well, everywhere and yet here I am, lamenting on that lack of places which interest me in particular.
I know.
Enter the age of narcissism; we are just so self-obsessed these days, aren't we?
It is the age of technology, after all.

I am aware of all the new eateries, or maybe frankly, I was not really paying that much attention either because I was just too busy wondering about whether they are as good as my usual haunts (or just busy with my work).
You see, apart from being a pickyeater, I am also your regular skeptic and I raise my eyebrow (one side anyway) at any new possibility/place to try out.
I am not adventurous at all; frankly speaking which sums me up to be a pretty comfort zone type of eater as well.
So, there in a nutshell, you have a skeptical and conservative pickyeater surrounded by her own comfort zone here; i.e. Me.

It is really not easy, at all, and getting me to try a new place or even have me switch over to this new place (from the old) and including it in my list of places to eat is harder than actually making a donkey move from its spot; not that I am suggesting I am in any way similar to a stubborn mule.

Then there is that other thing; I don't like places which are too crowded.
Odd, and I am serious.
I see many restaurants, cafes, eateries, etc which are crowded and there could be probably be that few reasons; 1.) they must be really good, 2.) their prices are reasonable or just dirt cheap 3.) there are free stuffs/promotions 4.) they must be fairly new/opening day 5.) the crowds are made up of their own friends/relatives, which if you were to take into consideration the size of the shop (the usual shoplift size), is not too hard to fill up with just that few invitations.

It is absurd for while sometimes I do get drawn by these crowds to see for myself the reason for the attraction, I also tend to shy away from the same kind of crowd pullers at the same time.
For my very own list of reasons too.
1.) I don't like waiting, too long  2.) I can't stand too much noise, rowdy environment 3.) hailing for service or attention from the servers could be almost similar to hailing for a cab in the midst of New York city at peak hours 4.) food quality might be compromised with the pressure to serve the demands, and lastly, 5.) I don't believe in having to queue or wait for my food, it's about the dignity, folks.

If you are rolling your eyes, I am not judging, for I admit, it is weird.

Of course, I don't go for the total opposite either.
I am not taking my chances in back alleys, or places where they are practically swatting mosquitoes (which could be in higher count than the humans altogether) or in places where there is just not crowded at all, on any regular day or even peak hours.
Okay fine, don't judge.
It's not nice to judge others, anyway, even if it is really out of the ordinary.
Besides, I just really need that right fit and that vibe to enjoy my food.
I am already picky with my food, so when I really eat, I just really want it to be right; just like finding that soulmate or more precisely, that soul food.

Well, I don't pick that much when I am at work sometimes; yeah, sometimes.
It was actually at work, and thanks to my awesome colleague who is also my old buddy, that we stumbled upon this place for our late lunch.


This is just that glimpse of the counter and the staffs (really a nice bunch of people) in discussion and this is not really the real insight of the place; depicted like a bar in some sort of way in this photo.
Well, maybe sort of.

The place is not really crowded, and to be fair, it was really a little late for lunch anyway but I really loved the ambiance and that warm comfort in a way of an invisible embrace kind of welcome when I stepped into the place.
Dimly lit, neatly arranged and blends of soft earthy hues of tones cast a soothing sight to one's eyes upon entering with one's back against the blinding glares of the hot sun from the front of the building.
The whole place just beckons with that lovely warmth yet cool with the light breeze from the air-conditioning and just screams cozy; perfect for one to escape for an hour or two for lunch to take a much-needed breath or relaxation after a crazy time at the work desk.
(Of course, that's if you have work to get back to, or you could spend hours just enjoying the environment and talking to that favorite person or even, just write - it is that conducive).




Plush cushions adorn the sofa leaning against the wall, and simple fuss-free tables arranged neatly with that slightly downcast glow from the lampshades hovering above one's table just make that perfect formula for the harmonious combination of contemporary stylish yet appearing homey all in one.
It is just perfect to lay back and just relax while waiting for food, or after meals and just engaging in fun or deep conversations with your company.
I was quite tempted to grab one of those pillows and just lean back against the wall.
(Maybe I should just do that one of these days, I will put that on my to-do list to arrange with my girl friend).

D'Cuisine serves the Asian cuisine along with some delectable Peranakan dishes; with some marrying the two in that interesting fusion to tantalize that appetites, setting themselves apart from most of their eatery counterparts.
It pays to be more creative these days with the offerings and while D'Cuisine did not seem to differ much in their menu (or so it seems), the food was definitely good enough testament to their designed aspirations for their brand.


I am pleasantly surprised and honestly, enchanted with this bowl of Grouper Fish Noodles (MYR22), for what I expected to be a usual bowl of fish head noodles cooked with that light hint of milk in the soup with a few pieces of grouper fish fillets (fairly modest in size and portion), you know the usual, turned out to be more than meets the eye.
Or my expectations.


For a first, the size of the bowl was definitely startling for me for there were only two of us.
Thankfully we were both really conservative and minimalist when it comes to ordering.

For a regular bowl of noodles, we were surprised to be presented with a soup ladle.
Since it only came in one size, it could not have been prepared for two's portion and therefore, the conclusion must be, it was all the way meant for sharing.
Or they just could read that the two of us are not going to be able to finish this bowl.
(I returned the second time with my other half, and it still came with a ladle).


Shifting through the noodles and the soup answered that question, almost immediately.
Large and more than your usual average chunky sized of juicy grouper fillets filled the bowl, amassed with the alternating strings of thick rice noodles further crowded with the generous handfuls of fried shallots, pickled vegetables and lengthy short stalks of spring onion garnishing.
The overall combination owed its tastes, harmoniously in the company of the mild tasting and light in milky tone of broth sweetened by the large pulps of tomatoes at the bottom.


These are not your average "float-on-the-top" bites of fillets, but chunks which sink to the bottom of the bowl evidently seen in the first photo where one could not even catch sight of what was in the soup. It was definitely worth its weight (and price).


I am a fan of grouper (a huge one I may say), and I need not say anymore at the risk of sounding biased; but my love for grouper still needs to be justified by the way it pleases my taste buds and I think this version has absolutely nailed it on the head with its flesh-filled portions of the grouper lightly fried to give it that crispy edge.
I love that it was not overly fried, for that is one of the most important criterion for me to enjoy a good taste of the freshness (and sweetness) of the grouper fish, and I am sure, is a winning element for soup-based fish noodles like this too.
I am officially hooked.


The white rice noodles were soft, and not too overwhelming in its load. Just slightly thicker than the usual rice vermicelli, this is usually the preferred version when it comes to fish/fish head noodles.


The legendary Grouper Fish Noodles just did it, for me.

I thought I was done with the fish noodles, which literally had my heart already.
Then this came.

Seabass with XO Sauce (MYR38) with its harmless brownish tones appeared to be your usual deep fried fish trickled with that hint of XO sauce as the source to enhance the thick flesh of seabass.


It was of course stylishly presented ala gourmet mode, and pass more than flying colors for that usual Chinese styled fried fish, but that, turned out to be major understatement.

For a first, the size of the fish fillet (fully deboned, well, almost, mind you) again was a stunner and it was generously sized, even for its single regular size for the dish.


Thick flesh-packed fillet sat elegantly; poised in the shallow pool of slightly saltish soy sauce topped with that crown of garnishing leaves, shreds of shallots and the main mass of rich mashed ingredients for that enriching complement of taste to the juicy fillet of seabass.
Generally I was not a really huge fan of seabass; though it's still on my list of one of my fish preferences but this had me reforming my perspective of this fish altogether.
The fresh taste of the fillet and the clever play with the moderate tasting sauce dramatized by the special ingredients of XO made up for the naturally bland tastes of the thick seabass flesh and is one move that I truly applaud.
I hereby declare my newfound love for seabass, more than before.

(This had me craving for seabass ever since, good job, and a haunting one at that. But you truly had me)


We decided to go traditional Chinese, with a well brewed pot of Chinese tea; Cha Wang (literally means King of Tea) for MYR4.50 per pax (minimum 2 pax per pot)



I have found a new place for lunch, not only on weekdays but even weekends.
Maybe I should say, I have found myself a new place to add to my favorites.
Yes, D' Cuisine, I am proud to announce that you are now one of my new favorites!

I am definitely returning for more, and to say that I may come back does not sound right.

Keep it up, and this is definitely the cuisine (D'Cuisine) for me, with every pun intended.


I thought you had me at your cozy concept, but you had me at the Seabass, oh, and grouper.

Hold the door no longer, you definitely had me at Hello.


D' Cuisine has a sister patisserie right across its location in Plaza 33; known as D'Italiane which prides in serving fine breads and pastries and also brunch options.
Their ingredients are sourced from Europe and even their tea are from India.
D'Cuisine is located at the ground floor of Plaza 33; next to Barn Thai restaurant, and yes, Plaza 33 is where Kampachi and Coliseum PJ outlets are located.
They do serve wine too and have a fine collection of wine for the wine lovers out there.

All the experiences are based on my personal tastes and are in no way representing the general.
This is not a sponsored post by the restaurant, and is purely based on my personal opinions.

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