Saturday, July 26, 2014

Blending the Tastes at Coconut House, Jaya One

Warm lighting casting a yellowish glow over the wooden furniture exudes a familiar close-to-home ambiance as one steps into Coconut House, where they are centered on serving 'Real Food, with emphasis on the use of Real Wood in their kitchen to make their customers Feel Good' as accentuated on the front of their shop.


At a glance, the concept of Coconut House may send the idea of the likes of Western-themed restaurant and the dim glow with the interior design seems to back the overall impression first created as one steps or even passes by the restaurant.


The menu presented will reshape one's notion of the offerings from the restaurant; as Coconut House proudly flaunts their varieties from the West with a light twist in their offerings, and even emphasizing the both to serve a unique fusion of tastes in some of their courses.

From pasta to pizzas and grills, Coconut House strives to serve their very best from their kitchen.

Pear and Rocket Salad (MYR14.90) is a refreshing combination to kickstart one's appetite.
Thinly sliced packham pears tossed with rocket leaves and groundnuts, topped with a light tasting dressing is just easily a scrumptious and delightful way to tempt the taste buds especially for the weight-watchers.


Chicken Cacciatore (MYR30.90) set, comes along with the soup of the day.
The Chinese name (yes, beneath the name of the course is the Chinese given name for the dish) is uniquely known; in direct translation as "The Wife's Homemade Chicken".

Pumpkin Soup, the soup of the day is a well-sized portion of the cream of pumpkin broth.


Roasted Seafood (MYR32.90) is a mix of squids, fish fillets, prawns and clams tossed with mushrooms on a bed of lettuce leaves, and perfect to entice the seafood lovers with its uniquely wood-roasted tastes.


Coconut Blended(MYR9.90) is just the most invigorating drink that complements the name of the restaurant perfectly, and is definitely one of Coconut's House specialty.
(I love the way they serve the drink; in a custom made ceramic bowl complete with a lid in the shape of a coconut, and with the words 'Coconut House' carved into the bowl)


The quiet ambiance of the restaurant on a weekday evening makes this a nice place to just relax and unwind after a day's work with colleagues and friends, or even with families (if you reside in the neighborhood), and it was just exactly what I did, enjoying the quiet evening with the company of Real Food, Real Wood and yes, I definitely did Feel Good  here at Coconut House.

**This is not a sponsored post, and is based on my personal experience and opinions.**

Monday, July 21, 2014

Fun with Japanese Buffet Ala Carte Style at Mitasu

Japanese food lovers would rejoice with the attractive offer of enjoying a wide variety of Japanese food from the simple menu at an affordable price; topped with the liberty of being able to order continuously and limitlessly and eat to your heart's content.


It sounds like it's too good to be true, doesn't it?
Well, believe it because it is good and it is true, and it is offered by this Japanese restaurant, nestled in its modest abode in Central Plaza in the heart of downtown KL.


Mitasu may not be situated in a attention-seeking location right in the busy city, but the name of this Japanese restaurant rose to fame with the popularity of its ala carte style buffet, with a pocket-pleasing price tag; making it a place for families and friends to enjoy a good and hearty Japanese selection over lively banters.


Coming in a big group; be it family or friends can be an advantage as one can opt for more varieties from the menu without wasting food aimlessly for the sake of just tasting the food, or trying every single item on the menu. (It is rather despicable to do that, in my humble opinion).

The menu comes in a fairly simple one sheet with both printed sides, listing basic and unpretentious common varieties of the much-loved cuisine.
From raw cuts of sashimi to hand rolled temaki and sushi, to pan fried vegetables and teppanyaki, there is almost something to represent every section of the Japanese cuisine and to fit the taste buds of every age.

Start off with hot green tea, or even enjoy the variety of chilled beverages such as fruit punch or jasmine green tea to accompany and keep yourself hydrated throughout the meal.

Cold cuts:
Selection of Fresh Oyster and Fresh Tiger Prawn


Enjoy appetizers such as a Trio of Chuka Karaage (Seasoned Jelly fish), Chuka Iidako (Seasoned baby octopus), and Chuka Wakame (Seasoned Seaweed)



(Baked Green/Snow Beans)

Every Japanese lover's must-have is definitely the raw slices of air-flown sashimi.
While I am not entirely sure if this is really air-flown, these are still must-haves; a combo of Akami (Tuna), Salmon, and Abura Bazu (Butterfish) - the three most popular and usual culprits which are on most tables and menus of a Japanese restaurant.



From the Salad section:
Kamo Salad (Smoked Duck Salad)

Kani Salad (Crab Meat Salad)

Salmon Teriyaki

Squid Butteryaki

Hotate Fried (Deep fried scallop)

Agedashi Tofu 
(Deep fried bean curd in sauce)

Grilled Saba (Mackerel)


Tekka Maki (Tuna roll)

California Temaki
(Crab meat, Omelette, shrimp roll)



Yasai Itame 
(Pan Fried Assorted vegetables)

Niku Sukiyaki
(Beef Hot Pot in Sukiyaki Style)

Kaisen Kimchee Nabe
(Seafood and vegetables in Kimchee paste hot pot)

Ebi Tempura
(Prawn Tempura)


After filling one's heart (and tummy) content with the many selection from the menu, save some space for the sweet temptations offered from their desserts section.

Lick your spoon clean with the different flavored scoops of ice cream available
Choose from Chocolate


Black Sesame

If you simply cannot decide, just go with double scoops of their popular Green Tea and Black Sesame Ice Cream

Enjoy a slice of cake (Chocolate cake) if you are a cake person and simply cannot get enough of sweet stuffs

I am a fan of Konnyaku jelly, and definitely must-have (I saved space for these babies :-)


For a simple and healthy way to clean your palates after a filling meal, one just cannot go wrong with a good old platter of fruits :-)


Now, did I manage to attract your attention with the interesting and fulfilling ala carte Japanese buffet variety?
If that is not tempting enough, think of the endless times you could order from your favorites and also the prompt service and conducive environment in the restaurant.

Of course, the most important question:
Priced at MYR53.90+ for adults; with a discounted rate of MYR38.00+ for senior citizens and MYR28.00+ for children (subject to the height).
All bills are subjected to 10% service charge.

The usual rules apply; where wastage is frowned upon and will be charged accordingly for each 100g not consumed (MYR10.00).

The Ala carte Japanese buffet above is available as follows:
Monday-Friday (6.00pm-10.00pm)
Public Holidays and Weekends (12.00 noon-3.00pm; 6.00pm-10.00pm)


As the place is fairly popular and tends to swarm with crowds, it is advisable to make reservations to avoid disappointments.

Definitely another option to add to Japanese food enthusiasts who just want endless fills of their favorite cuisine, over great conversations and environment.

Mitasu's Ala Carte Japanese Buffet has crept into everyone's heart, with an unpretentious menu and enjoyable ambiance, perfect to fulfill that Japanese craving in everyone!~ :-)

*This is not a sponsored post, and is based on personal experience and tastes*

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Celebrate Mid Autumn with Gartien's Pineapple Cakes

Mid Autumn, celebrated on the 15th of the 8th Lunar month in the Chinese calendar is one of the important festivals observed by the Chinese community; marked by the appearance of a full moon on this auspicious date every year.
Like all festivals, the Mid Autumn centers on the reunion of families and friends, gathering to enjoy quality time and sharing goodness through gifts of food, love and laughter.
The Mid Autumn is traditionally celebrated with the baked pastry; a carefully carved mould of a light brown cake with sweet fillings which are known as a delicacy and fondly referred to as the moon cake; with respectful connotations to the theme of the festival.

Moon cakes are soft moulded pastries, baked to golden brown and are available with the various types of fillings; from red bean to lotus paste, and even nuts or the prized yolk to tempt the spirit of festivities among the celebrating folks. The tradition continues until this very day, with variants of representatives of the moon cakes or even pastries, stemming from the creative minds of the new generation to spice the traditions a little with a more refreshing twist.

If you are looking for an interesting gift or a fresh way of celebrating the Mid Autumn, Gartien's Pineapple Cakes may just be the answer for you.


The traditional home recipes of these handmade buttery shortcakes, filled with luscious amounts of fresh pineapple fillings harvested from nearby plantations are just wonderful additions, if not replacements to the usual moon cakes during the festivities.


Gartien is a household name originating from the island of Penang, having started their business there a few years ago, specializing in homemade pineapple cakes. A delicacy which many may have experienced with the Taiwanese version, is now available in our very own turf, and Gartien weaves them all together to give these pineapple cakes their very own identities with their home recipe.


From the fresh and real pineapples, which are delivered on a weekly basis, these are cut into small pieces, manually, by hand; which is a necessary process to maintain the natural tastes and qualities of the fruit though it is time-consuming. The pineapples are then cooked for 12 hours, slowly and steadily to its golden brown perfection and rich in texture, and is an excellent companion to the buttery form of the shortbread pastry.
Together, the pastry is then baked to produce these luxuriously decadent cakes wrapped beautifully in their individual parcels.


I was delighted to be a part of the reviewer team to enjoy these famous pineapple cakes which many have raved about around the island.
The pineapple cakes arrived in a festive packaging, along with a paper bag suited for gifting purposes among friends and families.



Each pineapple cake is carefully wrapped and sealed, whereupon the light aroma of butter fills one's nose when the package is unwrapped.



The pineapple cake is solid, yet gentle with one's grasp as it firmly holds the generous amount of fresh pineapple filling held together in that highly dense mixture.

There is definitely more than enough of the paste which paired well with the buttery shortcake; and can even shake off the odd feeling of overwhelming dairy aftertaste for those who are less than enthusiastic about dairy tastes.


I like that the pineapple paste was rich in its ingredients; where I could actually taste the distinctive tastes of the pineapples, and yet, it was not overly sweet in its flavor.
It would not have been good for me if it was tad a bit too sweet than it is, as I am not one with a sweet tooth and this did it well for me; a perfect blend between the pastry and the filling.


One piece would have been satisfying; with its compact size and high density of power-packed ingredients made with love and I bet many would still reach for another piece.
It is definitely a perfect treat for any festivity, or even throughout the whole year; paired with a hot cup of tea and a great companion to enjoy a friendly banter under the sun, and of course, the moon.
After all, we are talking about their latest Mid Autumn theme, aren't we?

Gartien's Pineapple cakes are available all year round, as these babies are the pride of their bakery.

The signature pineapple cakes come in a box of 10 pieces; priced at MYR45.00 per box.

Gartien is currently proud to launch their Mid Autumn promotion; which comes in an attractive festive packaging in conjunction with the celebrations.
Also, early birds who are interested in purchasing these cakes for the Mid Autumn festivals can enjoy more privileges and value for their pineapple treats.

For 5 Boxes and Above, ordered BEFORE the 4th of August, will be entitled to ONE Box for FREE.

Bookings AFTER the 4th of August, subject to the availability, for 10 Boxes and Above, will be entitled to ONE Box for Free.

The price per box is at MYR45.00, for collection and Direct purchase from the Box.

Gartien does deliver to the whole of Malaysia; so for those who are interested in these pineapple cakes but are not residing in Penang need not worry for orders can be placed and you will receive these via courier.
The delivery charges do apply:
Additional MYR10.00 for Peninsular Malaysia  (MYR45.00+MYR10.00)
Additional MYR40.00 for East Malaysia    (MYR45.00 + MYR40.00)

Spice up your Mid Autumn with a little more variety, with this special edition and packaging from Gartien's Mid Autumn Pineapple Cakes version and enjoy sharing these cakes with your loved ones, while watching the surprises when you spring these famous pineapple cakes besides the traditional moon cakes at the parties :-)



Company: Gartien 小田佳园
Address: 380
, Jalan Penang, 10000 Penang, Malaysia. (next to Kek Seng Coffee Shop/格成茶室)
Contact: 604-229 0068
Business Hours: 9.00am-6.00pm dailyGPS: 5.416298, 100.329380

Gartien will be relocating to their new premises on Penang Road, right next to the famous Kek Seng Coffee Shop.

Their official opening is set on the 20th of July 2014!

For more information on Gartien, check out their website here

It is definitely going to be a very unique Mid Autumn, it's not going to be all about the moon and the traditional moon cakes, but pineapple cakes may be creeping into the trend soon, and you can be the trend setter! ;-)