Thursday, May 31, 2007

Lunch with Louise in Sakae

Yesterday after the short conversation through the MS Communicator in office, somehow Louise and I wanted to have lunch together and we went out to Queensbay (she wanted to do a quick shopping as well).
We couldn't decide what to eat and then we just went into Sakae Sushi (haha, my jee mui's fave hangout place which I somehow could never make it there:p)
It was packed with people and we noticed lots of Motorolans there as well.
We stood in queue (first one) after the previous couple went in.
The waitress came over and told us to hold on for a while and we were surprised as we could see a table right in front of us. We hesitated for a while and finally went in and sat ourselves down:p

The waitress came soon after and told us that she has prepared our table inside but we didn't want to move anymore and so we stuck with that table.
Another thing, because it was so packed, nobody was even free to attend to us ...not even menus or drinks!
Sighs...then Louise showed me that we can make our orders through the screen in front of us and some clicking on the menu.
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We ordered our Green Tea....and then browsed through until a waiter brought us the menu.
Then we made our orders.....
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I snapped some of the pics here and there....Louise was telling me about the blaring fire the last time she was here when the guy made the teppanyaki. She said it was so scary and thank God there was this separator window between the chef and the customers...however, we also hoped the chef was fine:)
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Our orders then arrived; this was Louise's Salmon sushi....sashimi....hehe, raw slices of fish which I didn't try at all:p
I am still not used to the raw slices of fish and Louise mentioned she had the same kind of feeling previously too. She changed her inclination when she was studying in Australia and fell in love with sashimi ever since...haha, it was obvious she liked this a lot:p
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Next was hers..sashimi slices (again!:) She really love this stuff!
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Ahhh....this was the Potato Croquette...which she didn't intend to order at all but because she was too eager to order the Potato Salad, she accidentally mistaken this...
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She didn't like it at all...too mashy for her taste and since I HATE potatoes, I couldn't bring myself to help her with it:p

Finally, the rightful Potato Salad...she loved it!
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And this is mine, the Salmon Teriyaki - lar...nothing to shout about.
Louise wouldn't taste it anymore; she had to finish all her potatoes stuffs...haha....

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Total bill came to RM35.08 inclusive of taxes, etc.
Nothing spectacular...I am not a big fan of Jap food...but I heard Sakae Sushi was one of the cheapest of all Japanese restaurants since this is more of a fast food chain outlet I guess.
Anyway, thanks to Louise for the treat!~

Northam Beach Cafe Re-visited

After work, I went for dinner at the Northam Beach know the open concept hawker food court along Northam Road when you come out from Gurney Drive?
That's it; I brought my mentor here before and I have had numerous visits here since I started working up north:)
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Ordered my fave; Ice Kacang...but this is still not my favorite Ice Kacang in Penang....except the part that they used the small red beans instead of the common kidney red beans used by almost all the stalls here.
Costs about Rm3.40 for this....not much of stuffs....
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As usual, the Yong Tau Foo items...I noticed that Yong Tau Foo in Penang is actually very expensive. They can charge you for Rm0.70 per piece regardless of the size of the item you took.
In KL, our Yong Tau Foo pieces were pretty standard in sizes and they are not too small...
This bowl costs about RM10.20 I think.
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Lastly, the Seafood Popiah.....
Nothing special except they had "hints" of mantis prawns in them lar...but mind you, it's really bits of them only. And this popiah roll costs us Rm1.50 each:p
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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Banned Rhodamine B??!!!!

Oh my oh my!!!
I just received a sms text from Daddy to inform me that the dye used in huat kueh is a cancer causing agent and I was like, what?
He referred me to the newspaper and I quickly logged onto the Star online news and look what I found....
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I am still in shock...all my favorite kueh....little cup cakes are actually clothes dye??? OH MY!!!
What am I going to eat next?
I am already such a picky eater....oh my oh my!!!
Irresponsible traders!!!

Gosh, the world is really turning topsy turvy.....
What next? Strawberries contain paint dye?
Kiwis are cancer-causing agents?
Sighhhs...yeah, just go right ahead....all my food become cancer agents....and I am left with no more choices of food....

And yet, I just got my kueh yesterday and was so happieee....and now, they look so horrifying to me!!! GAWKKKK!!...

*Still in shocked state*

Monday, May 28, 2007

Breeks in Queensbay Mall

Met up with Nick again when he came to Penang last week.
He was late...haha...anyway, we met up in Queensbay Mall (the new hype in Penang)...
And wandered around, thinking of what to eat and crossed out all the possibilities we already have in KL...
So finally, after some time of blaming each other for this and that, we settled down on Breeks (my recommendation).
These were our drinks....
Nick had the Ice-blended Cappucino with whipped cream....his daily caffeine fix...(drug addict dy:p)
And to the right is my Iced Lemon tea....
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My order was the Dory Fish Fillet in Black Cajun Spice...
Nice and spicey...and also pepperish...haha, so Cajun style:)
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And this was Nick's pasta craving...can't remember the name but looks good though :)
And he was trying to figure out what were those long portruding stick-like things....he ate one and still couldn't figure what it was:p
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Kim Gary's in Gurney Plaza

Was at Gurney Plaza again a fortnight ago and we decided to give this Hong Kong craze thingy a shot...went to Kim Gary's on the 4th floor.
Nice environment; weird that their tables are all in the centre arena and their cooking booth is in one of the shop lots...haha....
This is where the customers are seated....
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And see what I mean, that's the shoplot....whole shop is their cooking area:p
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The menu....haha, I am entralled by their drinks!!!
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Bosco as their mascot...erm, I meant introductory model...haha:)
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After a long time and careful consideration...haha, I made the choice of a lemon juice with aloe vera.....
And look, it comes in a jam bottle...:p
Interesting display huh?:D
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Our snack appetizer....the sizzling fish fillet bites with corn sauce...
Wow...this was nice...I liked it:)
**Seriously, the whole menu is full of carnivourous stuffs.....all meat....chicken, pork, beef.....and this was like one of the rare fish items on it:p
So, thank God it suited my taste...and I love the generous serving of the sweet corn and also the broccoli:) (it was a bit oily though)
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While waiting, we noticed that there was a Malay family which sat down and left soon after.
I was already wondering; isn't it obvious that there was no halal tag anywhere....just thought they usually check before walking into any restaurant.

And also, another bummer was we kept waiting for our set lunch meal which Benjy ordered...the Fish fillet with spaghetti and his drink and soup...and we thought that the fish snack was probably it and the spaghetti should come shortly.
However, we realized that they missed out that order and had to get them to put it on order again...sighs.
Anyway, while waiting, I noticed lots of people patronizing...hmmmm, Malaysians do love Hongkie food, huh?
And finally Benjy's milk tea came...some yoghurt blended fruit tea I think...
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The tomato soup.....not bad; tasty and there were some bits of tomato slices and also carrots....almost squashed:p
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Finally, the spaghetti arrived...with fish fillet and corn sauce; haha....the same sauce...
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But hey, the fish fillet was was actually wrapped with egg and then fried...there's that egg-y taste there:p
Kinda liked their drinks selection here...will definitely come back again...:)

**Some said Wong Kok was actually better; hmmm....I think as of now, I liked Kim Gary's better:) *

Mother's Day Special!

Oooo...this year I didn't go back to sad....I was back only like a week before and pretty hard to get transport.
Anyway, Mummy and Daddy told me to stay put and not waste money on the transportation.
Well, I had lunch with someone else's mum.....hehe...

Went to Midlands Court Restaurant; one of the oldest restaurants there in this Midlands One-Stop Shopping Centre....
I was a little shy to take the pics of the food but nevertheless, here it is....
They ordered 4 dishes; since it's 4 adults with 2 kids (nieces) and one of the niece was didn't eat.
The first dish was the stir-fried baby bok choy.....not bad; a bit oily though:p
RM7 or 8...
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Seafood bean curd in claypot.....nice....yummy:)....RM10
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Steamed cod fish in soy sauce....very nice....RM25 only (cheapest we tried so far)
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I missed one more pic of the sweet and sour prawns; the most expensive dish of the day...RM30!
Anyway, it was delightful meal and they even presented the Mom with a sweet! :D

Fish Head at Red Tea Garden

Haha...finally we get to try the fish head dish for dim sum at the Farlim dim sum restaurant.
Priced at RM5 per dish, this is a marinated fish head in their special sauce.
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Tad a bit too oily but the fish was tender and sweet (due to the marinated concept I suppose:)
But Benjy and I both liked it...:)

Ice kacang at Lorong Selamat

Again, one of those days when we were wandering aimlessly for food....
"Don't know what-to-eat" days....and we ended in this Lorong Selamat alley...the famous Char Koay Teow area.
We decided to stop by since there was this famous Ice Kacang place as well....
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There were 2 coffee shops with the famous Ice Kacang label and I chose the older-looking coffee shop with the perception that if it's famous, it must have come a long way.
I was surprised that it was an Indian lady manning the racial discrimintation...but look at the Ice Kacang!
It's Rm2.20...and it's freaking expensive for such a small bowl.
Furthermore, the stuffs....gosh, so little!!
I still prefer my Gurney plaza's version....!!!
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And this was Benjy's order; the Koay Teow soup....with fishballs and liver...YIKES!!!!
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Somemore, I was traumatized by the sight of a RAT running across...and also, the hawker people were talking in such loud voices; lamenting on her maid's story and crying like there's nobody there.
What a way to make my day....on a weekend!! Bummer.....never going there ever again!!!

Seafood at End of the World

Dinner at the End of the World...been a long time since I was last there..
Ordered the stir fried broccoli with seafood.....
The plate was too huge for the serving:p
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And if you think that was huge, the plate used for the fish was enormous!:p
Such a big plate for the red snapper fish in Teochew style...
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Okay for the food quality; but lots of flies here and there....annoying:p

Fish&Chips in Gurney

Went for lunch in Gurney's Food Court the other time and we decided to break out from ordering the Yong Tau Foo and tried the Western food instead this round.
Ordered the Fish and Chips; RM7.90.....
The fish was really thin in texture and the plate was so big to place such a small portion of fish.
However, there was a wafer slice and also loads of mixed vege on the side of the plate....guess you can't ask for much for a 8 bucks worth of fish:p

Too oily for my taste anyway:p
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New dim sum?

Just found this pic...a dim sum we tried out in Tai Thong the other time...haha
It was this fishball+mushroom with shrimps:)
Not bad but too slimy for me with all the corn starch sauce around it...yeeeks:p
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Dinner in Kepong

Just a simple outdated post on our family dinner....went to this restaurant in Kepong...opposite the Glutton Square food court area.
The fish here is actually quite cheap...Rm7 for a fish (steamed or whatever style you prefer...but make sure you order that one particular type of fish retailed for that's the Fei Chow fish)
We ordered our vege; the Water Convulvus fried with belacan (Kangkung).
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Kung Pow fried Mantis prawns...
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And of course, the fish in our favourite fermented bean sauce which gives the spicy and sour taste.
Costs only Rm7; although the owner kept giving us hints that it's a larger fish for us...may cost more but since bro was claritive ahead and confirmed the fish was indeed RM7 before ordering, he couldn't do anything as it was their choice to substitute a bigger fish for our table of 4 people.
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